Lost Ark: A Nose for News Quest Guide 

A lost ark a nose for news magick flow detector is a chain quest available later in the game; you can finish it as soon as you reach level 50. To ask for A Nose for News quests to begin, players must talk with the two NPCs located in the Origins of Stern Headquarters in the Arthetine area.

In today’s guide, we will walk through how to do the quest, A Nose for News, in Lost Ark, as well as all the locations that need to be visited and the rewards you will earn. 

A Nose for News Quest Walkthrough – Lost Ark 

A lost ark a nose for news magick flow detector is an in-game chaining tutorial quest in Lost Ark, which rewards a lot of honed materials when completed. This walkthrough will take you through everything you need to know about completing the A Nose for News main quest in Lost Ark Game Losing Ark.

A Nose for News may be one of those missions you will need some direction from the community to get through since it requires you to uncover an NPC hidden somewhere within a waterfall. A Nose for News is arguably the hardest and most time-consuming quest of the whole questline because it requires you to use an item in certain places within the water. 

You will have to call Mathias, lost ark a nose for news magick flow detector a reporter who helps when starting Iceberg Investigations, to finish The Nose for News and get another side quest called a sickly sea.

After this, you must sail back to Glacier Island and speak with Mathias to finish A lost ark a nose for news magick flow detector and get your materials. You will find the suspect tech branch employee by a waterfall, and you get the information from him to finish the A Nose for News mission. 

Once you have done this, the lost ark a nose for news magick flow detector Tech Branch Employee will talk to you about their wrongdoings, and you will be able to return with the necessary information.

Once you have scared him off and obtained the NPC’s information, you will have to head back to Laboratory Director Julia to tell her about what you have discovered. You will have to go to Nebelhorn Laboratory, which you can do using Triport, which makes for a much faster trip. 

To finish the mission, lost ark a nose for news magick flow detector you will need a couple of thousand pirate coins; you can either have leftover over or build some up again while running those islands.

The easiest way to obtain pirate coins is by running quests on Black fangs Den and Liberty Isle, the two islands to the east of Luterra. We will go into great detail on location, all the quests, acquiring the island’s coins, and collecting items found on the islands. 

lost ark a nose for news magick flow detector

A Nose for News Quest – A Short Guide 

We will also begin tracking down White Wave Island quests once more, as the islands we will have to visit are located along our route.

We will do the purple mission here, which gives us access to Una’s task mentioned earlier, one of the steps to doing the Deamgull Island lost ark a nose for news magick flow detector (which gives tons of goodies) afterward.

The Unas Task is a little long of a quest chain to get through; however, doing it will give you 18 more combat-engraved books and access to a token from the Island of Serenity. 

Most missions on The Lost Ark are easy enough to do, but there is a rare handful that takes some doing, with a roadblock on this mission coming when players are instructed to use a magic detector.

Lost Ark has so many major and side missions, and considering lost ark a nose for news magick flow detector generally wants players to explore an area instead of taking them directly to the destination; it would not be surprising to see some players struggling to complete some quests.

Some of these quests may be harder to do than others, requiring a bit of back-and-forth travel and a lot of NPC interaction.

There is an assortment of quests, items, sources, and boss battles across the entirety of The Lost Ark, which you will get used to when you get further into the expansion in lost ark a nose for news magick flow detector. 

What Quest Rewards will you Get? 

  • 290 Roster XP 
  • 1,080 Silver 
  • Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest 6x 
  • Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest 2x 
  • Splendid Shard Chest (M) 4x 

(FAQs) : Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Hoyte News located in Lost Ark? 

You can find the Hoyte News on Arthentine Continent, which appears casually now and then. 

What rewards will you get in the quest? 

You will be able to get roster XP, Silver, Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chests, Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chests, Splendid Shard Chests, and a lot more. 

Why do you have to complete the Shadow Isle task?  

The primary reason for doing the Shadow Isle task is because it is a quest that will get you access to a Skill Points Potion and a lot of extra content later on in level 3. 

When do you have to use a magic detector? 

During the “Anse to News” quest, while helping the Hoyte News uncover a story about corruption on Origins of Stellar and contamination on Glacier Island, Lost Ark players are instructed to scan for a reading of High Temperature on Nebelhorn Oasis using a magic flow detector. 

How to trigger the “A Nose for News” Quest in Lost Ark? 

You have to have a conversation with the Phillan Kaiman, the Hoyte News Editor-in-Chief in Origins of Stern, the capital of Arthetine. 

Now have a great time playing the game.

This is end of this short guide.

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