How Long To Beat Signalis

Signalis is a retro survival horror game that mechanically correlates to Resident Evil and Silent Hill titles from the mid to late 1990s. The fixed camera setting and restricted tank-like controls weaken the player, providing a sense of vulnerability that many current horror games lack.

Signalis has a lot to offer lovers of the genre as a game that values environmental storytelling and slow-burn horror that aims to unnerve the player. With limited resources and ammo, the tension and tempo are purposefully slow.

However, according to How Long To Beat, a standard playing of Signalis takes about 6 to 8 hours for the average player attempting to get to the conclusion as quickly as possible. This does not include the extra content and hidden endings in Signalis.

How Long To Beat Signalis

Signalis Guide
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Signalis will take 9 hours to complete if you only focus on the main plot. Within Signalis, there is a lot of back and forth; your inventory can only contain a few objects, so you’ll find yourself storing tools in save room chests.

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This approach will consume the most of your time, especially if you need to retrieve a key card you’ve stowed. You’ll nail that time if you stick to the chart and retain your bearings.

For the deeply invested player, a whole playing of SIgnalis can take up to 16 hours. A complete playthrough in Signalis entails discovering everything, unlocking all trophies/achievements, and unlocking all five endings.

These outcomes will be revealed dependent on the protagonist’s Psych Evaluation. While it is not a large game in comparison to a AAA release, the content available makes Signalis’ vintage experience more valuable and pleasant, especially for its modest pricing.

Elster delves further into the more eldritch pit in Signalis, which takes place mostly at a mining complex. Continued investigation shows a universe built mostly from Ariane’s memories, looping indefinitely as Elster continuously discovers her and fails to keep her promise to her. However, this might alter based on the player’s actions and how they approach the game.

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So that’s how long it takes to finish Signalis as I’ll see you in the next guide.