High On Life How To Get To 9 Torg

In High On Life, your main goal is to find all of the bounty targets and the reward on 9-Torg is one of the first you’ll come across.

After conversing with the local fishermen on the dock, your next mission is to locate 9-Torg’s hiding place. While this is a pretty basic procedure, there are many side areas to explore and get lost in. In this guide, I’ll show you how to get 9 Torg so let’s dive right in.

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Where to Find 9-Torg’s Hideout Location

In order to discover 9-Torg’s Hideout Location in High On Life, chat with the local fishermen at the end of the pier. He’ll point you to a nearby laundry as 9-Torg’s hiding place. Follow the game’s directions until you reach a wall with a strange slime material on it. 

Continue on down the docks and make your first right onto the bridge. You must now use Kenny’s Glob Shot to knock down the wall that is impeding the bridge’s route. Then again to knock down the wall that connects the bridge and allows you to pass to the other side.

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Now walk down to the dock’s lowest level and stare directly at the building in the center of the water. Three ants will walk onto a metal sheet. Fire Kenny’s Glob Shot at the ant platform to break it off and create a way to the other side.

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Head left from the structure in the center of the sea. Then you should notice two floating platforms in the sea that you should leap across to get to the docks on the other side.

Beware, you’ll encounter several ants that are eager to scrap as soon as you pass. Simply take a left up the pier and enter Bubble Buds, the laundry. This is the site of 9-Torg’s hideaway. So simply keep going through here until you reach the wooden door at the end of the hall. Then, knock on the door and wait for the ants to open it before continuing with the narrative.

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That’s how to get to 9 Torg in High on Life as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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