How Many People Play Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a battle royal video game released in 2019. Since the release of this shooter video games become so popular among gamers and the userbase of Apex Legends was increasing day by day. Because it’s available for almost most gaming platforms along with the cross-platform feature.

As I said, the players keep enjoying this game a lot, and the user base is on bumped every day. If you want to know what is the hype and player statistics of Apex Legends. Here is the life player count of Apex Legends Players in 2023.

how many people play apex legends 2022

There is no official number or website for the live player count. But recently Apex Legends confirmed that its user base reaches 100 million users on its Twitter account. This might be possible due to the game release for Nintendo Switch and Stream.

Recently on EA’s Q3 Earnings Conference Call, it was also announced that Apex Legends has a growth of 30% in player count over the years. So we can say that 100 million userbases is already exceeded by now.

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This is a huge number and it was increased since the release of Apex Legends Season 12. But now you know how many people play Apex Legends daily.

What is the Player Count of Apex Legends In 2023?

There is not an official count of players that play Apex Legends, Because currently, there is not an official platform that provides us information on Apex Legends per day player count. But there is an online platform called Steam Charts that shows an estimate through population data.

According to a Steam Charts report, Apex Legends has approximately 386994 players in October 2022 and the numbers are growing every day. The average number of players in the last 30 days is 215,100.4 with peak players over 497,242.

Moreover, these numbers fluctuate as per the promotion or new update for this game. Well, keep updating this page as per the fluctuation for the current month. So you can get the correct number every time you visit.

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