How To Get Better at Apex Legends (September 2022)

How to get better at apex legends: Well if you want to be a winner in Apex Legends you needed to have one of the finest and strongest apex legends characters in the game. Apex legends have multiple powerful characters but the thing is all characters are not ready-built for glory.

If you are an experienced player then things are different for you. But the beginner is way too difficult to get glory in the game without having a hassle. In this article, we are going to show some tips that help you to select some of the powerful apex characters in no time. Let get started then!

What is Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is an open-to-play battle royal shooter video game that was released on February 4, 2019. This video game is developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. Currently, the Apex Legends can be played on the following platforms including Windows, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

The gameplay of Apex Legends features three characters (players) that can different abilities and skills along with special powers and these Apex Characters are also called “Legends”. In this game, there are battle rounds (matches) in which 20 characters can take a part in form of 3 player squads.

Moreover, the 20 players were jumpstarting from the plane into the game map in squares in different locations on the map. Now players have to take down other squads using the weapons within the given time. Because the game also has a play zone area that reduces from time to time and players needed to be in the play zone else they get eliminated from the game. In the game, the last remaining squad will get the glory.

So to take the glory in the Apex Legends you needed some of the powerful apex legends, Here are some of the things you needed to know when you’re picking up an apex legend for the squad or what are the things that can make you better in Apex Legends.

Tips and Tricks To Get Better In Apex Legends

There are some gameplay tips and tricks that you can learn from this guide to get better in apex legends within no time. Basically, these tips were shared by some of the apex legends experienced players that we are going to mention in this short guide and you can also apply these tips and tricks to get better gameplay without having a hassle.

how to get better at apex legends

Use Traning Mode Often To Getter Your Shooting Skills

We all know that training is one of the most essential things that can make you better at any task. That is why we recommend you before entering into any lobby match. You’ll need to spend some time in the training mode get practice with all the weapons and practice your aim with each weapon that you used most often in the gunfights.

There are lots of new things you can try in the training mode and practice them before applying in the matches. As we all know the training mode is one of the best places to shaper your skills such as aiming, fast-moving, picking up loot, how to pick up an enemy in a match from different angles, and much more.

how to get better at apex legends PC

You’ll really like to spend a little time aiming while shooting between moving targets. This entails assuming your aiming posture, firing at a target, then swiftly exiting before moving on to the next target, and so on. Basically, this will help you to learn how you can switch between targets which is essential to staying alive whenever you encounter a bunch of opponents at the same time in the match or else in the close gunfights.

The second thing that you can learn in the training mode is practicing your aiming skills while strafing out of cover. Place yourselves in front of an obstruction and swing side to side while attempting to hit a target in the distance. Basically, this practice will help you sharpen your aim and take down the opponent in a blink.

Pickup a Perfect Landing Spot

Landing is one of the most important things that you needed to learn in Apex Legends. To get perfect loot before your opponents in the hot zone. These are some of the tips that you can apply in the Apex Legends when you’re landing on the ground.

  • Keep an eye out for additional teams landing nearby!
  • At the last possible minute, peel away from your Jumpmaster!
  • As you strike the ground, slide!
  • Look for towering cliffs to accelerate your straight-down descent.
  • For distances less than 700m, a straight drop is used.

Make sure to remember these above points to land safely and quicker in Apex Legends in a hot zone and collect all the loot before your enemy. This will give you an advantage over your opponents and you’re not an easy target to take down.

Make Sure To Close Door Behind You

Technically, navigating through the map is one of the basic advantages that we all take benefit of in battle royal games such as PUBG, Call of Duty, etc. But in Apex Legends its means closing the doors behind you, most of the players forget to close the door. That allows the enemy to get engaged in the back of you from the outside.

Because most of the time your enemy also comes to the building while searching for loots and if they open the door they know someone is in the building they up their gauds and try to take you down while hiding or camping. This will happen to lots of players in Apex Legends.

If you have a low health bar or gather the loot such as weapons attachment or gun bullets then. Make sure you close the door of the building once you entered it. It’s not good to leave the front door open for the opponent to enter when you’re not ready to fight.

Try To Loot Quickly As Fast As Possible

If your opponent picks up weapons before you then it can a serious circumstance for you. That way, we recommend you to pick up the loot items as quickly as you can along with don’t let your guard down while looting. Moreover, always pick up the essential items and always leave space on your backpack.

how to get better at apex legends switch

Here are some of the tips for Apex Legends Loot.

  • Supply Bin locations
  • Apex Legends Hot Zone
  • Supply ships in Apex Legends
  • Supply drops
  • The Flyers/Dragons of Apex Legends

These are the following tips you can use to get the best loot in apex legends without having a hassle. We recommend you collect medium size loot such as limited weaponry items, health items along with fuel. Because when you’re backpack is overloaded it also affects your movement.

Setup Perfect Mouse Sensitivity For Quick Aiming

This is a mechanical tip that can help you to move faster along with changing camera angles and aiming at the target in lesser time. In-game you can easily able to change the mouse sensitivity and your sensitivity while aiming down sights.

Lots of players wanted to copy the streamer’s settings but we recommend you to set up your own settings. Because your own playstyle can be more helpful for you. For this go to the settings and select mouse sensitivity and make changes as you prefer and save them. After this to try your new settings, Go to the Training Mode and test your mouse sensitivity settings on the moving targets.

More importantly, change your settings from time to time which helps you to know which settings are perfect for you and help you to improve your gameplay. According to the experts, you should keep your mouse sensitivity as low as you are comfortable this will give you better control over the movement.

Using your Crosshairs Effectively is Important

Crosshair placement is a very critical part of aiming in Apex Legends. When running around the map, try to keep your crosshair at about head or neck height.

This means you’ll have to re-adjust your aimless frequently when you confront an enemy in order to land that fatal headshot. So, while rushing from one site to the next, bear this in mind.

Flank Right or Left More Carefully

Flank is one of the powerful movement tactics that you can use to take down an opponent while getting low damage. However, a Wide flank can be a risk but it’s also powerful if you have a longer distance along with a cover that the opponent cannot destroy and more importantly. If you choose to flank, make sure you keep a clear line of sight with your friends.

how to get better at apex legends ps4

Most of the pro players and streamers master the flank along with movement. This will allow them to take down more opponents in lesser time in long-range gunfights without having a hassle.

Try and Pratice Your Shooting While Sliding Down Hills

While entering into the Training mode in Apex Legends is quite an awesome right, but it is also important for you. This will guide you about the concept of sliding in Apex Legends. In matches, most of the time you’ll be firing while sliding down a very cliff or hill and if you’re not good at it then this will give your opponent and plus point and you massive damage.

In this case, you needed to shoot without aiming down your sight. You can master this skill on the training mode by simply sliding down the hill and selecting different rows of targets will help to improve your aiming skill while sliding down.

Build Strong Muscle Memory To Improve Your Skill

If you wanted to get better in Apex Legends. Then you needed to build a strong muscle memory that allows you to move faster compared to other players or the beginner. Have you wondered most of the games have the same settings, why? the answer is everyone who has played video games has developed some muscle memory. This way every game has the same game settings.

But in shooting games, you needed to work on muscle memory, and their always a place for improvement in muscle memory. You can build strong muscle memory by practicing in training mode and using different weapons. In battle royal games like Apex Legends, Call of Duty, PUBG the muscle memory plays an important role. Such as fast movement, aiming and rapid-fire, and much more.

Reliable Positioning Can Gives You Victory

Basically, the reliable position simply means three things in the battle royal games. firstly an excellent vantage position on your adversary and secondly various alternatives for good cover and in last “fall back and heal” strategy if things go awry If any of these are missing, you are not in the ideal situation.

how to get better at apex legends xbox

Play Aggressively (Rush Gameplay) To Get More Kills

If you wanted to get more kills in the battle royal games then you needed to play aggressively. As you have also seen most of the streamers on Twitch and YouTube. Because playing aggressively can help you to build strong muscle memory. Rush Gameplay, allows you to get more kills and improve your close gunfight tactics.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions with a proper explanation from our gaming experts to help you to get better knowledge.

How do I get better at Apex legends?

You can get better at Apex Legends by following some of the tips such as Play Aggressively, Try To Loot Quickly, Drop perfectly on hot zone, Good Positioning at Playzone, Practice your shooting skills at training mode, build muscle memory with settings, set up your own sensitivity settings and much more.

How can I improve my apex aim?

To improve your aiming in Apex Legends. You needed to practice your shooting skills in training mode with different weapons. Along with building strong muscle memory with settings layout. Setup your own Mouse sensitivity settings that helps you to get better aiming in apex.

What’s the best sensitivity for Apex?

The majority of pro players set their ADS sensitivity at 1. It’s a fantastic starting position, but if you really want your ADS sensitivity to mirror your hipfire sensitivity more precisely, we suggest testing with values between 1.2 and 1.5.

How do you land faster in Apex?

how to land fast in apex legends

These are the points that you needed to consider. To land faster in Apex Legends
#Drop straight down until you reach a speed of approximately 145 mph.
# Float horizontally until you reach 130-135 mph.
# Drop straight down to increase your speed.
# Float outwards to ensure you arrive at your destination.
# Drop directly to your destination.

How do I move faster in Apex?

Players can jump for extra distance when in mid-slide. After landing, begin sprinting again until you reach your maximum sprint speed. Simply repeat the sprint, slide, leap routine from there. In Apex Legends, this is usually always the quickest way to move.

This is the end of this short guide, hopefully you get better tips to know how to get better in Apex Legends. We recommend you to setup your own mouse sensitivity and keep practicing you aim in the training mode often on the moving targets. This will help you to build strong muscle memory and improve your kills rate in Apex Legends along with longer survival rate.

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