How Many Purple Starfish in Stardew Valley?

Ginger Island is a key part of the game Stardew Valley. At some point in the game when you head to the ginger island, which is present at the north side of the islands, there you will meet Professor Snail. Professor Snail will be a great help to players for their completionist side.

Many players may stump about the purple starfish question asked by the professor. The same applies to the question about the number of flowers present in Stardew Valley, which will also be asked by Professor Snail in his hut located on the northern side of the island.

Below in the article,I will tell you about how many purple starfish are present inside Stardew Valley and also the number of purple flowers in the game.

What is the number of purple starfish present in Stardew Valley?

Purple Starfish in Stardew Valley
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The answer to the question of how many purple starfish there are in the valley? the correct answer is 18 purple starfish available in Stardew Valley. This will be among the final answers given to players by professor snail. After you answer the question correctly, you will be rewarded with a golden walnut. There are 130 golden walnuts in total present in the game.

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If you fail to answer professor snail with the correct answer, you don’t have to worry about it as you can always come back the next day to answer the question for the second time

Number of purple flowers in Stardew Valley

The total number of purple flowers present in stardew valley. When answering the question, make sure you choose 22 as your final correct answer as it will lead you to earn a golden walnut reward.

And just like when answering the purple starfish question, you will be given a chance to answer the question again the next day if you fail to answer it correctly the first time.

During the game’s major 1.5 update that happened in early 2014, professor snail was added to the game.