How Old Is Lily in Street Fighter 6

In the game Street Fighter 6, we see many new characters added, and one of them is Lily. Lily is also called the listener of the spirits in the game and is a member of the Thunderfoot tribe. Many players want to know the age of Lily in the game to better understand her.

If you want to know more about how old Lily is in SF6, Then keep reading the article that I have prepared below.

What is Lily’s age in Street Fighter 6?

June 3rd is Lily’s birthday, but we don’t know what year she was born. After reading a few background stories and characters, it appears that Lily is between 15 and 20 years old. She is one of the newest fighter characters added to the game.

how old is lily in sf6
how old is lily in sf6

What Is Lily’s Fighting Style?

Lily is believed to be the only one who can communicate with nature’s spirits. One spirit, called Toyno’Ikonoi, can easily communicate with Lily. She has very fast, wind-like moves and is a very young fighter. 

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Lily has been training for Thunderfoot martial arts and is very swift with her movements. She is not very tall. Her height is 5 feet, 3 inches. She fights with ease, even with her bigger opponents. She uses pogomoggans, which are a type of ball-headed war club. Pogomoggans are very helpful weapons for long-range shots.

She also has some super art moves within her, such as the Breezing Hawk move, which can fling the opponent away. Breezing Hawk is a level 1 super art move. Lily plays Thunderbird at level 2, which is an invincible rising tackle that gets boosted through Wind Clad Stocks. Raging Typhoon is another amazing move that is used at level 3.

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