League of Legends Ashen Knight Pantheon: Price, Release Date and Fan Reception

Riot’s skin patterns often diverge away from the lore that is part of the League of Legends universe. A good example of this is the Ashen Knight skins, which are set in a parallel universe story where the magic is no longer present.

The Ashen Knights are villainous in the game who betrayed their legendary king and went against him. Therefore, the skins are preLeague of Legends sented in a much more realistic form.

As the players get excited about the new skin, I will tell you the other details you need to know about the Ashen Knight Pantheon or Pyke.

Ashen Knight Pantheon
League of Legends Ashen Knight Pantheon

How much does the new Ashen Knight Pyke skin cost?

Players expected the new Pyke skin to be around 100 mythic essences, considering the price of the prior Ashen Knight Pyke skin. Bundles and other rewards are also released with the skin, such as an icon, a skin, and a loading screen border.

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From where can players purchase the skin?

The game makers officially released the skin on June 23rd and came out with the mythic content update. Players must purchase this skin as soon as possible, as it is only available for three months, and it is not confirmed whether it will be available for grabs in the future.

Fans Reception

Even with the realistic presentation of the skin, there are issues that players have noticed with the skin’s design. They find the new skin to be the rebranded version of the Ruined Pantheon skin, selling at a higher price.

Also, the bare chest does not go very well with the heavy Ashen Knight Pyke armor all over him. This all for this guide for more similar guides do check our League of Legends guides section.