How Old is Mei Overwatch 2

Do you remember Marvel’s character Captain America? Mei’s story is similar to that. However, in Overwatch 2 Mie is damaged, which was introduced in 2016 and she is one of the first 21 heroes.

Mei is one of the greatest defenders of Overwatch 2, she has abilities like slowing down the enemies with frozen attacks and can build the ice walls too.

Her primary weapon is the Endothermic Blaster. She is an optimistic climatologist and she thinks that the “ World Is Worth Fighting For”. but how old is Mei in Overwatch 2? Let’s find out all in detail.

How old is Mei in Overwatch 2?

Mei Overwatch 2
Blizzard Entertainment

Dr. Mei-Ling Zhou is a Chinese climatologist and she was located at Watchpoint, Antarctica. She was researching there to save the earth, then one day in Antarctica there was a Freezing polar storm.

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In that situation, she decided to put herself in cryo-stasis. Cryo-stasis helps her to remain frozen like a popsicle and then after the storm, the rescue team will help her out. Eventually, nobody was there to save her and she remained frozen in cryo-stasis for a while. 

You won’t believe what happened next, after nine years in cryo-stasis she somehow managed to come out of that, and then after she was with the robot snowball with little but supplies. After being in the present she managed herself in that situation and left that place. 

So that’s why many users are confused about her age. Like she was in cryo-stasis for nine years but she hasn’t been since then, she was the same as the day she was in cryo-stasis. 

What is the actual age of Mei Overwatch 2?

If we count by years, she may be around 40 years old, but if you deduct those nine years of her life then she is 31 years old. In cryo-stasis, her age remained constant so scientifically she may be 31 years old. 

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Further, as you can see she was in Antarctica, and spent nine years of her life in cry0-stasis, now you know why her attacks are related to ice, and freezing. And so that’s why to know about the abilities of the character, to know a little bit about the character is great. 


So basically, there are two groups in Overwatch 2, one who thinks that Mei is 40 years old in Overwatch 2 and the other who thinks Mei is 31 years old in Overwatch 2.

It won’t matter that much if her age is 40 or 31, but scientifically her age will be 31, but some people argue over the internet that it’s not possible and count as she is 40 years old.