How To Beat Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy

Well, Congs you’ve made it to the final battle in Hogwarts Legacy and now you have to defeat Ranrok one of the strongest bosses in the game.

You first encounter Ranrok at the Gringotts Bank and you know how strong he is and if you get confused about how you can defeat him. Well don’t here we cover a guide that helps you to know how you can easily defeat Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy without having much hassle.

Defeating Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy

In order to defeat Ranrok Dragon in Hogwarts Legacy firstly you need to be equipped with correct spells that work perfectly against the Ranrok during the battle. Here are the best spells that we mentioned below you can use in the battle.

  • Diffindo
  • Confringo
  • Glacius
  • Depulso

Once you get all four spells you are ready to defeat the Ranrok Dargon in Hogwarts Legacy.

To defeat the Ranrok Dragon you need to hit the Orbs that appear near the dragon. Most importantly, you need to deal with a certain orb with the spells that we mentioned above.

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The orbs will appear in different colours such as Red, Purple and Yellow to hit these orbs you need to use different spells. For example, for the Purple orb (Force) for this, you need to use the Depulso spell, for the Red orb (Damage) use Diffindo, and Confringo spells and for the Yellow orb (Control) use the Glacius spell. To deliver damage to the Ranrok.

The battle has three phases, in all the phases you need to focus on destroying the orbs using the spells and after one phase to another, the number of orbs will increase so make sure to consume plenty of Wiggenweld potions to maintain your health bar.

beat ranrok hogwarts
image credit to Saboteur YouTube

In the first phase, Ranrok uses three attacks Fireball, Dragon Breath and Projectile. This means you can use the dodge and attack fighting style to move to the second phase of the fight.

In the second phase, Ranrok uses the old attacks along with the new attack Explosion. To avoid getting damage from this attack make sure to keep your distance from theRanrok and move around because this attack will damage a large area near Ranrok. Simply focus on destroying the orbs and you can move to the third phase of the fight.

defeat  ranrok hogwarts
image credit to Saboteur YouTube

In the third and last phase, Ranrok Dargon uses all the old phases of attack but in this phase, Ranrok is on the ground.

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In this phase, Ranrok will run toward you to hit you. Make sure to keep your distance from Ranrok and use quick movement because the battle area will smaller in this phase. Now there will be lots of orbs that you need to destroy as soon as possible to win the battle.

If you’re a lucky and skilled player you can get win this battle on the first attempt. Once you win the battle you complete the game and celebrate with your friends.

This is all for how to defeat the Ranrok Dragon in the Hogwarts Legacy for more relevant guides to check our HL guides section.