How to beat Rooms and Exits Level 22

Rooms and Exits has up to 25 hard rooms, with more on the way. Playing hidden object games is difficult since they frequently confuse you. To minimize confusion, keep the hint system in mind and apply it whenever necessary. Each clue in the Rooms and Exits video game costs up to 50 in-game money.

The game invites you to a Shoe Store, where you may choose from a variety of racks, furnishings, and sofas. So, are you ready to investigate Rooms and Exits Level 22? Let’s get started.

How To Beat Rooms And Exits Level 22

rooms and exits shoe store
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  • Take off the black shoes, disassemble them in your bag, and two silver pins will pop out.
  • Combine the Plug and the Pins.
  • Put the plug in the outlet next to the shoe rack in the room’s left corner.
  • Enter the number 2120 by tapping the Cash Register.
  • Open the drawer so you can remove a Candle and a Key.
  • Light the candle with the matches in your bag.
  • Bring the candle to the hidden storage.
  • Tap the floor repeatedly until the Candle is in position.
  • Broom heads can be found in the blue bucket.
  • To obtain a Dustpan, tap the Utility Area on the right side of the room.
  • Find the China Pig and the Metal Handle by tapping the left-hand shelf.
  • Then, combine the broom and the red dustpan after putting the broom head and handle in your bag.
  • Pick up the Hammer next to the fire extinguisher.
  • To obtain a Coin, combine the Pig with the Hammer.
  • Remain in the Main Room.
  • Clean up the trash with the broom and dustpan.
  • Pick up the discarded note paper.
  • Use the code on the Red Locker.
  • Match the bottoms of the shoes on the cards inside the door and collect the laces.
  • To obtain the Running Shoe, tap the Maze on the ground.
  • Place your shoes and laces in your bag.
  • Take the Red Ticket and place the Running Shoe on the stand.
  • Place the Red Ticket in the Exit Panel by the door on the left of the Main Room.
  • Escape!
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That’s how to escape Rooms and Exits level 22 as I’ll see you in the next guide.