Fortnite: How to Get Cold Blooded Medallions

The Fortnite Cold Blooded Medallions aren’t very properly described in the game, so I understand your want for more information. You can see that you need to gather all five of them to unlock the Solid Skull back bling, and the missions page instructs you to steal Cold Blooded Medallions, but what exactly does it mean?

All of this is connected to the Fortnite Most Wanted event, and the ‘heists’ required to acquire these gifts merely comprise completing the bulk of the accompanying missions. Here’s how to rob Cold Blooded Medallions in Fortnite and get the Solid Skull reward in more detail.

How To Get Cold Blooded Medallions in Fortnite

During the Most Wanted event, players may earn a variety of gifts by completing tasks and earning Infamy. The Most Wanted rewards page is akin to a scaled-down version of the Battle Pass, and Infamy functions similarly to Battle Stars in that it is required to obtain more prizes.

Soild Skull Fortnite
Screenshot via Epic Games

Players that wish to unlock the prizes faster, don’t have enough time to finish the event’s tasks, or just do not want to spend 150 V-Bucks on tiers. There is, however, another prize that cannot be won with Infamy.

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The Solid Skull back bling is received as a bonus goal reward for collecting five Cold Blooded Medallions this is the only way to obtain it.

Heist Cold Blooded Medallions
Screenshot via Epic Games

Cold Blooded Medallions are gold serpent medallions that are granted to people who finish seven tasks from a certain quest set. Every two days while the event is running, a new set of Most Wanted missions.

Such as Intel & Recon or Going In Loud, is introduced. To obtain the five requisite Cold Blooded Medallions for the Solid Skull back bling, players must complete seven tasks from five separate quest sets, for a total of 35 Most Wanted quests.

That’s how to get Cold Blooded Medallions as I’ll see you in the next guide of Fortnite. Some of them are mentioned below hopefully these will also come in handy for you.

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