How to Catch Falinks in Pokemon GO

Hello Gamers! We are back with another article, and in this one, we will explore every possible way to get your hands on Falinks in Pokemon Go. But before that, let’s learn everything about Pokemon Falinks.

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Everything About Falinks in Pokemon Go Explained

Falinks is a cool fighting-type Pokemon first introduced in Generation VIII.

It consists of six smaller creatures that link together to form a long line. These round creatures work together as a team to defeat enemies and win battles.

Now, let’s address our main question: “How to Catch Falinks in Pokemon GO.”

Falinks Pokemon GO
falinks pokemon go

How to Catch Falinks in Pokemon GO

Falinks was supposed to be added to Pokémon GO in various ways during the Ultra Unlock Part 3: Sword and Shield event.

It was planned to appear in three-star raids, as a reward for completing certain tasks, and sometimes in the wild environment. Unfortunately, there were a few problems, and they had to remove it from raids for the entire event.

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To make up for this, they will now appear more often in the wild until the Ultra Unlock Part 3 event concludes.

Now, there are only two ways to catch Falinks in Pokémon GO. Firstly, you can find it in the wild, but there’s no specific location, which can be a bit challenging.

Just pay attention to your surroundings and keep moving around to find it. If possible, use the Incense item to attract more Pokémon, including Falinks.

Second, if you’re near a PokéStop, you can use a standard Lure Module to increase the chances of finding Falinks nearby. So, don’t give up and keep moving ahead.

If you’re unable to find Falinks in the wild, there’s another way to get it. Look for the “Win 2 Raids” Field Research task.

When you complete this mission, you will receive Falinks as a reward, and this task won’t disappear after the event ends – sounds great, right!

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So, if you get this task, try to complete it as soon as possible to add Falinks to your Pokédex.

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