How To Tame Megatherium Ark in Ark Survival Evolved

Get set to unleash the might of the Megatherium in Ark: Survival Evolved! This majestic beast roams the towering Redwood Forest and chilling Snow Biomes, displaying its aggressive nature and fearsome claw attacks.

But fear not, with some taming magic, this herbivore becomes a true game-changer for your tribe. Once tamed, it transforms into a loyal warrior, ready to help you conquer challenges and join you on every adventure.

Gather your tribe, hone your skills, and embark on an epic quest to harness the incredible power of the Megatherium! Get ready for unforgettable memories in the wilds of Ark.

Megatherium Ark how to tame
Megatherium Ark

How to Tame a Megatherium

The hunt for a Megatherium begins with locating one, but be prepared to venture far and wide as they aren’t as common as other creatures. Once you’ve spotted your target, ensure it isn’t aggressive towards you. Should it get feisty, tranquilize it with the trusty Tranquilizer Arrows or Narcotic Traps.

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With the Megatherium sedated, commence the taming process by feeding it Mejoberries or Sweet Vegetable Cakes – meat is off the menu for this herbivorous giant. Keep it unconscious throughout the taming period, continuously hitting it with Tranquilizer Arrows or Narcotic Traps.

Taming time varies depending on the Megatherium’s level, with higher levels taking longer. To speed things up, you can try the following methods:

  • Employ a higher-level Tame Tamer.
  • Use the kibble of a creature naturally alluring to the Megatherium, like the Rex or Therizinosaurus.
  • Utilize the “Force Tame” feature, but beware, this requires a high level of Dododex and ample resources.

Tips for Taming a Megatherium

  • Start by immobilizing the Megatherium with a well-aimed Bola to ease sedation and feeding.
  • Arm yourself with an abundance of Tranquilizer Arrows or Narcotic Traps for the entire process.
  • Stock up on Mejoberries or Sweet Vegetable Cakes, as these are the best foods for taming.
  • Opt for a high-level Tame Tamer to expedite the process.
  • Use kibble that naturally attracts the Megatherium for faster results.
  • Exercise extreme caution with the “Force Tame” feature, as it can be risky and potentially lead to the loss of your Megatherium.
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After the Taming

Once tamed, the Megatherium becomes a prized possession for your tribe. Equipped with powerful combat abilities, it deals high damage, making it an excellent warrior. Additionally, its resource-gathering prowess comes in handy as it can harvest copious amounts of berries and fiber. 

Not just a brute, the Megatherium is also a nimble traveler, capable of moving swiftly and jumping with ease. Furthermore, it fiercely guards your base, aggressively attacking other creatures.


Taming the Megatherium is challenging but rewarding, as it becomes a powerful warrior and efficient resource-gatherer. A versatile addition to your tribe, brace yourself for this remarkable giant in Ark: Survival Evolved! Don’t forget to check out GameInstant for more gaming guides and content. Bye bye Happy gaming!