How To Catch Jangmo-o in Pokemon Go

Many players often wonder, why I need to catch this Pokemon and also it’s hard to find. I will look for similar Pokemon which are easy to capture. They won’t realize it until they lose a crucial battle.

Every Pokemon has its weakness and strength so the trainers during battle tend to choose the Pokemon who is superior to the opponents’ Pokemon. And you never know which Pokemon comes in handy from Pokedex.

To make your Pokemon team well-balanced and to have overall strength over the Enemies you may need Jangmo-o Pokemon. 

Jangmo-o in Pokemon Go

Jangmo-o Pokemon is a dragon-type Pokemon. Jangmo-o Pokemon Go is a quick learner, you can teach him new battle moves with ease.

It was introduced in the 7th version of Pokemon Go. Jangmo-o has a yellow heart on the head, a grey upper body, and a black lower body with small legs and tails.

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He belongs to Alolan Region and it was introduced in the game during the Season Alola. Now, Jangmo-o Dragon-type Pokemon it’s the first of his generation and many trainers wonders where to find Jangmo-o Pokemon Go.

How To Catch Jangmo-o in Pokemon Go

Jangmo-o is extrovert Pokemon, he makes his home in a populated area. They are dragon-type Pokemon so you can find them near monuments and landmark-marked areas. It’s not that easy to find, trainers might need to use the Incense or Lure Modules.

jangmo-o pokemon go
jangmo-o pokemon go

But Lure Modules don’t work on the Dragon Pokemon Jangmo-o Pokemon Go. But you can use Incense to try your luck. The Incense and Lure Modules will help you to increase the Pokemon Spawn time in your vicinity. 

If the Pokemon are switching places then there is no better option than Incense. Incense will increase the time it spawns around you.

On the other hand, if you use Lure Modules then it will help you to reach out to Pokemon at particular places like Monument. But on the Dragon type Pokemon Lure Modules aren’t effective. 

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Rather than capturing Jangmo-o Pokemon in the wild, you can hatch it from a 10km egg. But the probability of getting Jangmo-o is quite high. 

To get the 10KM Egg you have to reach Pokestops and spin. It’s a bit hard to find that way but if you try spinning at every Pokestops then you may earn 10 KM Eggs. 

Other than that you can defeat Team Rocket. After defeating Team Rocket, as a reward you can earn 10 KM Eggs

How to Evolve Jangmo-o Pokemon Go?

As you get the Jangmo-o Pokemon you can evolve it into Hakamo -o by feeding him 25 candies at level 35. After that, you can evolve it into Kommo-o by feeding it 100 candies at level 45

Final Thoughts

You can find populated areas like monuments and landmarks marked on maps. To find it you can use the  Incense and Lure Modules. You can also hatch it from 10 KM Eggs. You can have 10 KM Eggs by spinning at every Pokestops.

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After that you can evolve it into Hakamo – o at level 35, you need to feed the 25 candies for that. Further, you can evolve it into Kommo – o at level 45, you need to feed the 100 candies for that. Jangmo-o Pokemon can do moves like Dragon Claws and Dragon Tails. 

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