Pokemon Go: Azelf Best Counters and Movesets

Azelf Pokemon is a genderless blue Psychic type legendary Pokemon introduced in generation IV. Azelf is a part of Lake Guardian, Sinnoh region, the fourth region of the Pokemon series. Azelf is a bringer of willpower. 

Azelf physical appearance is, 1ft tall with, 2 tails and has two red gems. The head and ears make a triangle shape and on the forehead, there is also one red gem. Big yellow colored eyes like a cat. Currently, you can capture Azlef in a 5-star raid battle if you have one in your region. 

To counter Azelf here we have listed some Pokemon you can try. 

Azelf Pokemon Stats

Azelf is a Psychic Legendary Pokemon. He is vulnerable to the Dark, Ghost, and Bug-type of Pokemon. This legendary Pokemom Azlef has and Cp rank of 44972.

Further, he has resistance to the Psychic and Fighting type of Pokemon. As per your Pokemon collection you can fight him duo to counter. Also, you can counter Azelf Pokemon in teams 5 to 6 and also 7. 

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He can do the Confusion and Future Sight move, which has a combined DPS of 68.3. Other than Confusion and Future Sight moves, Azelf can attack you with the Extrasensory, Fire Blast, and Swift.

Azelf Best Counters
azelf counters pokemon go

Try this Azelf Counter Pokemon In Pokemon Go

As you can see we have earlier mentioned that, Azelf is Vulnerable to Dark, Ghost, and Bug types of Pokemon in Pokemon Gom.

So Azelf Counters Pokemon will be from the Dark, Ghost, and Bug-type of Pokemon. To counter Azelf don’t bring the Psychic or Fighting type of Pokemon. He has resistance to the Psychic and Fighting type of Pokemon.

To make things easier for you we have made a list with the Pokemon and their move. That you can for Azelf counter in Pokemon Go. 

Against Azelf and guarantee a win for themselves.

Gengar(Mega)LickShadow Ball
Banette (Mega)Shadow ClawShadow Ball
Houndoom (Mega):SnarlFoul Play
Gyarados (Mega):BiteCrunch
Absol (Mega):SnarlPayback
Beedrill (Mega):Bug BiteX-Scissor
Scizor (Mega):Fury CutterX-Scissor
Alakazam (Mega):Psycho CutShadow Ball
Sceptile (Mega)Fury CutterFrenzy Plant
Gardevoir (Mega)Charm Shadow Ball
Ampharos (Mega)Volt SwitchBrutal Swing
Charizard (Mega)Fire SpineBlast Burn
Swampert (Mega)Water GunHydro Canon
Salamence (Mega)BiteDarco Meteor
Blaziken (Mega) Fire SpineBlast Burn
Latios (Mega)Dragon BreathDragon Claw
Charizard (Mega)Dragon BreathBlast Burn
Latias (Mega)Dragon BreathOutrage
Manectric (Mega)SnarlWild Charge
Blastoise (Mega)BiteHydro Canon
HydregionBite Brutal Swing
DarkaiSnarlShadow Ball
ChandelureHexShadow Ball
GholdengoHexShadow Ball
MewtwoPsycho CutShadow Ball
YveltalSnartDark Pulse
GuzzlordSnart Brutal Swing
ZoroarkSnart Foul Play


You need to understand first the weakness and strengths of Alzelf to Counter. As you get Alzelf, Attack, and Defence moves you can prepare a team for Azelf Counter Pokemon Go. Azelf is vulnerable to Dark, Ghost, and Bug types of Pokemon so you should go with them and try the best counter-move with DPS. 

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