How to Check Stats on COD Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 is back in its original glory with a bit of modification for good and every gamer in the world is having a swing at it. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s exhilarating multiplayer is as competitive as it gets.

It’s still always interesting to see how well you’re playing in Call of Duty, how high your kill-death (K/D) ratio is or just how many hours you’ve plowed into the latest game. Now you can see your Modern Warfare 2 player stats and KD ratio in-game.

It is one of the best ways to monitor the player’s progression in Call of Duty and also make a
statistical claim.

To look at stats On PC, you can press the Escape button and there is an option to view all of your stats. On PlayStation, you need to press the options button and on Xbox, you can press the menu button on your controller.

The new stats page allows you to view your stats for various game modes, loadout stats, recent matches, specific stats and modes.

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How To Check Stats on COD Modern Warfare 2

To check your overall KD, players need to complete the following steps.

● Go to Multiplayer Menu Screen.

● Select options on PlayStation, Menu on Xbox or the Escape key for PC and other platforms.

● Select the ‘stats’ option.

● Once you go to the stats page, it will load up the player’s KD ratio that they have averaged so far in MW2. The player currently can’t check their total KD.

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