Call of Duty Mobile: Best Strategies to Counter Snipers

Snipers are a menace in Call of Duty Mobile. Not only do they have a long-range but also possess seriously high damage that can penetrate the best of helmets. The names DL Q33, ZRG 20mm, Locus, and Artic might be sweet to some but poison to others. In this article, we will focus on the latter group.

Dragged-out sniping battles in Team Deathmatches, Domination, and Search and Destroy modes have become a common episode in the higher ranks in CODM.

Rarely can AR or Shotgun users survive in the crossfire. While most of the gameplay depends on reflexes and skills, there are certain tactics that could be used to gain an upper hand against enemy snipers.

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Flush them out and then flank

Snipers choose a higher terrain to get more advantage from their superior range and look out for movements. Approaching them head-on isn’t wise.

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One of the best ways to counter a sniper in Call of Duty Mobile is by using a Grenade or Flash Grenade after locating their position. While they try to save their skin, the player can surprise them with a flanking manoveur and take them down.

Decoys can also be used to gain an advantage. Use Smoke Grenades to create a distraction on one side while you and your team rush from the other.

It is best to ‘crouch’ and move since ‘running’ may give away the team’s location, providing time for the enemy sniper to reassess his choices and call for backup. ‘Smokeys’ can also be used to disorient snipers and benefit from close-quarters combat.

Dynamic movement and coverage

Don’t be a sitting duck for a sniper – always be on the move. In open areas, use a zig-zag running pattern and jump to avoid fire and move to the desired location as quickly as possible. Use your surroundings to good effect and take cover from trees, rocks, buildings, and terrace walls, whenever you feel the flanks are safe.

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Change position each time when scoring a kill as it will make the enemy team, and their snipers, difficult to predict your movements, often resulting in miscommunication. Objects for cover can also be utilised to ricochet throwables.

For example, if there is an enemy in front of you but both are separated by a wall, throw a grenade at an object after envisioning its trajectory such that it lands close to the enemy.

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Engage in a Sniper vs. Sniper in Call of Duty Mobile

Countering a Sniper with a Sniper is based on speed apart from good aiming skills. A tactic that many top-tier players use is that they don’t use the scope to zoom in on the enemy before firing. This gives them an edge in the firing speed, apart from gaining the right to boast, “No scope, headshot!” if played right.

There have been instances in which both Blue Team and Red Team snipers spot each other but refuse to expose themselves by going into the line of fire. This is where communication becomes key. If opting to fight fire with fire, or sniper with sniper, use the voice chat to guide teammates to the sniper’s location. Support them with cover fire while keeping in mind the enemy movements.

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This is all for Best Strategies to Counter Snipers in Call of Duty Mobile for more relevant guides do check our COD Mobile guides section.

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