Warframe: How To Farm Gyromag Systems

Warframe is free to play online game with lots of adventures, missions, Warframes, and weapons. To farm or build anything you will require many different parts, and components of a particular item.

To build weapons, Warframes, and components you will need the resources. That you can obtain from the enemy drop, as a reward, and on missions.

Here we are discussing Gyromag System. Gyromag System is one of the important components of the Warframe, without Gyromag you won’t be able to process specific weapons, Warframe, and other components.

Let’s find out why you will require the Gyromag System Warframe, How to Farm Gyromag System in Warframe.

How to Farm the Gyromag System Warframe?

Warframe Gyromag Systems
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You may need around 34 Gyromag System in Warframe. There are two ways you can have the Gyromag System: Bounty Heists and Purchasing from Litte Duck

Let’s discuss in brief Bounty Heists and Little Duck.

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Bounty Hesists: Gyromag System

To get access to Bounty Heists, first, you have to get enough rank, you will require the highest rank in Solaris United, Old Mat rank. Old Mat rank is mandatory to get access to Bounty Heists.

If you have the Old Mat rank then you have to speak Eudico, you need to interact with the briefing table in Fortuan Backroom, its located right behind the Euidco location. You can also travel fast to the backroom with the help of the Littel Duck.

The four-phase in Bounty Heist are Profit-Taker Orb Bounty Phase 1,2,3,4. To complete all four phases in sequence it will take 20 minutes.

But you should focus more on phase 2, Profit Taker Orb Bounty Phase will hardly take 1 to 3 minutes and will give you a much higher reward than the other phase.

As you start the heist, before the replay you need to complete the four bounty heists in sequence. It will take around 20 minutes to complete the four bounty heists, there is a 25% chance that as a reward you may receive the 5 Gyromag System.

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You can attempt four times this heist. So ensure you complete all the heists in sequence to get the maximum amount of Warframe Gyromag System. 

Purchase From Little Duck: Gyromag System

If you don’t have the old mat rank then you won’t be able to get the Gyromag System through the Bounty Heists. You can have the Warframe Gyromag System from Little Duck in Warframe.

In Warframe, you can purchase the Gyromag System from Warframe with 1000 Standing from Little Duck. there is one cache also, as a prerequisite you should have the Rank Hand or else higher in Vox Solaris.

Gyromag System Uses in Warframe

As we mentioned earlier Gyromag System is an essential part of the Warframe. Without Gyromag System you won’t be able to process the Gravimag Update, For Gravimag Update the Gyromag System is a must.

Other than Gravimag Update, you will need Gyromag System to craft the Cantic, Lega, Klamora Prisms, and also Plinx Weapons. Further, for Xaxu Warframe in Chassis Blueprint, it may require.

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So, without Gyromag System you won’t be able to craft this weapon. All of this will require Gyromag System. The Gyromag System is a modular component that regulates the latitude and altitude in various Corpus Systems.

Now, you know why you require the Gyromag System crafting material in Warframe, let’s discuss how to farm the Gyromag System Warframe.


That’s all require for you to get the Gyromag System. The bounty task four phase can earn you the Gyromag Systems as a reward and also you can directly from the Little Duck with 1000 standing.

But to get the Warframe Gyromag System in Bounty Hieste you will need to have the Old Mat rank. To purchase from Little Duck you will require to have the Rank Hand as a prerequisite.

This is all for Gyromag Systems Warframe guide for more similar content guide do check our Warframe guides section.