What is Coherency in Warhammer40K: Darktide? Explained

Warhammer 40K: Darktide certainly has lots of in-game mechanics that allows you to do your best in the game. One of the mechanics that keeping most player confused is Coherency, if you also looking for the information related to the this mechanics then you’re on luck today.

Here we cover all information that might come in handy for you to understand what is Coherency mechanics in the Warhammer 40K: Darktide? Without further ado let’s focus on the guide.

Coherency in Warhammer 40K: Darktide?

In Darktide the Coherency mechanics stands for closeness to your teammates while playing the game. In simple terms for each player you close to in the game you will get single stack of the Coherency.

For example if you near to your 3 teammates while playing the Darktide then you will get 3 stacks of Coherency. More importantly, this in-game mechanics allows you to recharge the toughness and the rate of charging is based on the percentage of Coherency you have that you will gain by fighting with the opponents with your teammates without keeping much distance from your allies.

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However the Coherency also works differently based on the level of class you’re playing with in the Darktide. For instance, if you playing with Veteran then its Coherency will give you little amount of ammo whenever you take down any Elite opponent during the fight. If you are playing with Zealot Preacher class then you will get 10% Toughness damage reduction using the The Emperor’s Will.

Below we mentioned all the Coherency mechanics that you get for each class in the Darktide.

Veteran Sharpshooter Coherency Mechanics

Scavenger HuntWhen any of you kill an Elite adversary while in Coherency, you and your allies each receive a modest amount of ammunition.
Bio-Optic TargetingIn Coherency, Volley Fire now illuminates opponents for all allies.
Demolition TeamOn killing an enemy, you and your teammates in Coherency have an 8% chance of receiving a Grenade.

Zealot Preacher Coherency Mechanics

The Emperor’s Will+10% damage reduction for toughness
Litanies of Hate For each layer of Martyrdrom, your Coherency aura now additionally provides 1% critical hit probability.
Inspiring ExcoriationWhen used, Chastise the Wicked restores 15% Coherency Toughness to allies.
Benediction +20% damage reduction for toughness

Ogryn Skullbreaker Coherency Mechanics

Intimidating Presence +10% Heavy melee attack damage
Lynchpin 100% toughness restoration
Towering Presence +50% Coherency radius
Lead The ChargeAllies in Coherency receive 25% movement speed for 4 seconds when you trigger Bull Rush.
That’s What Friends Are For Coherency transfers 50% of the damage taken by the nearest ally to you. When your health is less than 25%, this talent is ineffective.
Bullfighter When you or a teammate in Coherency kills an Elite adversary, your Bull Rush’s cooldown will be reduced by 10%.

Psyker Psykinetic Coherency Mechanics

Kinetic presenceCoherency allies deal 10% more damage to elite foes.
Psychic CommunionYou have a 5% chance of receiving a Warp Charge whenever you or an ally in Coherency kills an adversary.
Psykinetic’s AuraOn killing an Elite, the combat ability’s cooldown is reduced by 15%.

Hopefully now you understand what Coherency stands for in Warhammer40K: Darktide. This is sum up for this content you can check more similar content such as what is Salvo or Soulblaze and more on our Darktide guide panel.

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