How To Find and Use Salt Gun in Demonologist

Demonologist is a co-op horror game where you and up to 3 other players investigate haunted locations and identify the type of evil spirit that is haunting them. 

You will use a variety of tools to banish the ghosts and in this guide, we’ll talk about one of the most powerful ghost-fighting tools which is the salt gun. You will be required to use it to fend off the ghost in the hospital.

How To Find Salt Gun in Demonologist

Salt Gun Demonologist
image via Clock Wizard Games

The salt gun is found on the hospital map. You have to reach level 10 to access the hospital map and hence find the gun. 

The gun has three parts and all parts have to be assembled for the gun to be used. The parts however are scattered across the hospital map and the player will have to find all the gun parts.

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The gun parts will only spawn after each player decides what ghost type they’re fighting with. The gun parts spawn at random locations in the hospital meaning there isn’t a fixed location to find each part.

We however recommend searching the ground floor of the hospital thoroughly as most parts spawn there. Try searching in the drawers and cabinets in the reception area and the medical room or the morgue

The gun parts glow. The easiest way to find them is by turning off your flashlight so you can see the parts glow in the dark. 

How To Use The Salt Gun in Demonologist

After finding all three parts of the salt gun you have to assemble them to use the gun. You will have to assemble them at the receptionist’s desk by interacting with the bench press. 

The gun has unlimited ammunition and I recommend taking some practice shots first just to get a feel of the gun before getting to fight the ghost. 

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The ghost will always spawn at the receptionist’s desk. Since the gun does not have a long range, you will have to maintain a short distance between you and the ghost when firing the gun while also not getting too close to the ghost. This is all for how to find and use Salt Gun in Demonologist for more relevant guides do check our Demonologist guides section.