Destiny 2: Cryptic Quatrains III Guide

Cryptic Quatrains 3 is the final of the three treasure hunts that are part of the Season of Plunder in Destiny 2. It is not any different from Cryptic Quatrains 1 and Cryptic Quatrains and works the same way they did. To access the Cryptic Quatrains 3 puzzle, you will have to complete the first two quests beforehand.

To solve this quest, you need to read and understand all the different pirate riddles at each stage. Keep the extra focus on the highlighted text, as these are the clues that will help you know what to do next in the quest.

Steps on Solving Cryptic Quatrains III Quest

Below, I will tell you how to finish the Cryptic Quatrains III quest in Destiny 2. The quest is broken down into three steps, which are given in the article below.

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First, Solve The Quarry’s Lost Sector

Going into the EDZ and completing the quest there is the very first step in Cryptic Quatrains III. It is situated within the Sunken Isle patrol zone, which is on the northern side of the EDZ. When you reach there, head to the cave’s entry point and defeat the boss, which is present inside the cave. Once you open the chest, you will complete this part of the quest.

Beat Exodus Crash Without Dying

In the next step, every player must complete the Exodus Crash strike without getting killed. This strike can be loaded manually through the Nessus destination menu, so players don’t need to wait for this strike to  pop up in the Vanguard Operations playlist.

Complete Ketch Crash With an Arc Subclass and Hand Cannon

In the next step, complete the Ketch crash. However, you’ll require an Arc subclass as well as a hand cannon to be equipped for the duration of the activity.

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Solving Captain’s Atlas Secret puzzle

Once you understand what you need, this step becomes simple to solve. On the captain’s atlas menu, a secret compartment will be seen being opened. Put the items present inside the compartment in sequence by understanding the riddle.

Reaching the Forgotten Shore

​The next step is to travel toward the Forgotten Shore in the Cosmodrome. When you arrive at the Forgotten Shore, go to the southern part, where a medium-sized boat is anchored by the sea. Upon reaching the end of the ship, you will come across a green fallen sigil. You can engage with it. Once this step is completed, don’t go anywhere from the forgotten shore.

Finding the Cave

The last step in this quest is to find a cave that is surrounded by three pillars that are near the stream. Once you enter the cave, engage with the mound of dirt there to complete the last step of this quest.

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