How to Fix Valorant Installing Stuck at 0?

Valorant is one of the most popular competitive FPS shooters right now. It is a tactical 5v5 FPS game developed by Riot Games. Valorant offers exciting gameplay where you must attack and defend your side using abilities and weapons. 

The game offers multiple modes: unranked, deathmatch, spike rush, and competitive. Each mode features a unique gameplay, making it more interesting to play. However, some gamers have reported problems downloading or updating Valorant. 

Guide To Fix Valorant Installing Stuck at 0?

valorant installing stuck at 0
Riot Games

While installing Valorant, it stocks at 0 KB, leaving players disappointed. However, some troubleshooting methods can fix your VALORANT problem. 

Restart your Computer

Restarting a computer can fix various problems, and there may be a cache issue that is causing the download to be stuck. 

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Check for updates

Update your windows to the latest version to prevent bugs and ensure the Riot Client is current. 

Disable your antivirus software

If you have it enabled, it can interfere with the installation of Valorant. Disable your antivirus software temporarily

Run the Riot Client as Administrator

Right-click the Riot Client icon and select “Run as Administrator.”

Clear the Riot Client Cache

To do this, open the task manager and end the Riot client process. Then, go to C:\Riot Games\Riot Client\Config and delete the folders named “Temp” and “Logs.”

Reinstall Valorant

If everything fails, you can try reinstalling Valorant. Uninstall Valorant from your computer and then install it again. 

Requirements to install Valorant on your PC

If you are still having problems installing Valorant, you can contact Riot Games support for help:

  1. Make sure you have enough free space on your hard drive. Valorant requires a minimum of 10GB of free space to install. 
  2. Close any other programs that you are running. This will free up system space and help the Riot Client install Valorant more smoothly. 
  3. Try installing Valorant during off-peak hours. There can be a lot of traffic on the Riot servers. 
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Hopefully, you will get rid of the Valorant Installing stuck error on your gaming device for more similar content do check our Valorant guides section.