How To Fix: Why Does Fortnite Say To Be Continued

Why does Fortnite say to be continued? To Be Continued is a sequence of server downtime events that followed major events like The Devourer of Worlds, Operation: Sky Fire, and Collision in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

After the Collision event, players were met with a loading screen displaying the words “To Be Continued,” indicating that the game would enter a period of extended downtime. 

During this time, the servers were inaccessible, and players had no choice but to wait until the game was fully operational again.

What Does “To Be Continued” Mean In Fortnite?

If you attempt to log into Fortnite, you may encounter a message that reads “To Be Continued.” This message appeared on screen after a live event that marked the conclusion of Chapter 3 Season 2. 

Due to an extended period of downtime following the event, Fortnite displays the “To Be Continued” message, indicating that players must wait for the game to become playable again. 

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During this unplayable period, servers will be down, and there is currently no specific end date. When Fortnite is “continued,” it means that the game will be offline for an extended period, likely for system maintenance.

How To Fix “To Be Continued” In Fortnite?

To resolve the “To Be Continued” issue in Fortnite, it is recommended to check the status of the game server. Unfortunately, the only solution is to wait for the server to become available again. 

The best way to stay informed about the current status of the Fortnite server is to check the official Fortnite Twitter account for the latest updates. 

As “To Be Continued” is an unplayable period caused by server outage, there is no way to predict when the server will be back online, and waiting patiently is the only option.