Lost Ark: How To Get Cute Emote Guide

In Lost Ark other than battling and travelling there are lots of things you can do. Like, in Lost Ark you will need emotes to reach further in the main campaign, and also, emotes will allow you to build a relationship with NPCs.

There are a total of 32 emotes in Lost Ark. In Lost Ark you can acquire emotes by completing different quests, by collecting, and by purchasing through NPCs Local Vendor.

Emotes in Lost Ark not only help you to reach further but it will also allow you to express yourself through Emotes, such as cherish or devastated.

So, here in this guide, we are discussing Lost Ark Cute Emote. Where to find it and how to use it.

What is Cute Emote in Lost Ark?

When you use the Cute Emote in Lost Ark, your character will dance with hands and make finger buns and then blow a kiss. It’s easy.

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You can simply access your emotes in Lost Ark by navigating through the community label in the lower right corner of the device. There will be different tabs, you have to select the Emote from there, and as you click on that you can perform Emote in Lost Ark.

You can also access it by pressing the ‘Y’ key.

How to get the Cute Emote in Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark, you can find Cute Emote on Peyto Island.

Peyto Island is in the Sea of Gienah.

If you don’t know where Peyto Island is, you have to head east from North Vern Island, west from Anikka, and north from Tortoyk now you will be at the Sea of Gienah. Once you reach there on the south of Pleccia you can find the island.

On Peyto Island, you can Purchase Cute Emote from Local Vendor Yurei. You can Purchase Cute Emote from Local Vendor Yurei with only 5000 silver.

Yurei is a Dessert Merchant and you can find Yurie on the Northwest side of the deck.

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Why do I need the Cute Emote in Lost Ark?

As we mentioned earlier in the introduction, to complete some quests and reach further you will need Emote. So, the Cute Emote is a part of the Rapport Quest.

You need to complete The Rapport Quest which is given by the Nineveh on the Whispering Islet. You can easily purchase Cute Emote from Dessert Merchant Yurie with only 5000 silvers from Peyto Island at the northwest deck.


That’s it, hope you find it helpful, you need to fetch the Cute Emote to conclude the Rapport Quest which was given by the Nineveh on the Whispering Islet. To complete the quest you have to reach Peyto Island.

There you have to reach the Northwest side of the deck to track down the Yurie Dessert Merchant. From the merchant, you are required to buy the Cute Emote for 5000 silver. By pressing the Y key you can find the list of emotes from the tab and use it to express yourself.

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