How To Get Accrued Redemption Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2 there are a variety of weapons in the games, and they fall into different categories. There are guns, bows, grenades, and many other weapons to wield in the game. 

Accrued Redemption is a Legendary Combat Bow. Accurate redemption is a kinetic precision frame. It was released in the Garden of Salvation raid in Destiny 2. It has a smaller-than-normal perk pool, making getting a good roll easier. 

So let’s get into how you can get this legendary Combat Bow in Destiny 2.

Perks of Accrued Redemption

Accrued Redemption
Image via Gameinstants

Here are some perks of the Accrued Redemption.

Perk 1Perk 2Perk 3
Archer’s TempoRampageElastic String
Archer’s TempoExplosive HeadPolymer String
Rapid HitRampageAgile Bowstring
Rapid HitExplosive HeadStraight Fletching
Moving TargetRampageHelical Fletching
Moving TargetExplosive HeadCompact Arrow Shaft

How To Acquire Accrued Redemption

Accrued Redemption is an excellent choice for both PvE and PvP. In PvE, it can deal.  Significant damage to bosses and majors. PvP can be used to pick off enemies from a distance or control battle flow.

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Accrued Redemption can be acquired from the Garden of Salvation Raid similar to the weapons and armor from the Last Wish Raid, the power cap of Accrued Redemption has been increased to match the season it was introduced in. Here are things you can do to increase your chances of getting Accrued Redemption.

  • Ren the Garden of Salvation Raid on as many characters as possible.
  • Have a high-level character. 
  • Use a firearm that is also looking for Accrued Redemption.

What is the strongest bow in Destiny 2?

Le MonarqueHigh damage output, poison effect, unique perkSlow draw time
Ticuu’s DivinationHigh damage output, unique perk, crowd controlSlow draw time
Under Your SkinFast draw time, high damage output, unique perkLow range
Biting WindsHigh precision damage output, unique perkSlow draw time
Trinity GhoulHigh damage output, chain lightning effect, unique perkLow range