How To Get Blood Rush in Warframe All Locations

Blood Rush is a melee mod which increases critical chance as the Melee combo counter increases. This mod increases crit chance by +164%, which is added on top of the existing crit of the weapon and the bonus works only when there is an active combo.

Blood Rush crit has a formula and to calculate the crit chance when using blood rush mod, the formula is: Crit Chance = Modded Crit Chance × (1 + Blood Rush Multiplier × Combo Multiplier).

Blood Rush Warframe
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Drop Locations

The Necralisk Bounty: This bounty is available in the Cambion Drift. These bounties offer rewards for defeating enemies or collecting resources. The bounty has a chance to drop valuable mods, including Blood Rush. 

Spy: Another way to get Blood Rush is by completing spy missions on the planet Lua. Players will need to complete these missions successfully, without setting off alarms or being detected by enemies in order words Stealth. To increase your chances of obtaining Blood Rush, you can equip mods that enhance their stealth and speed.

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Farming Blood Rush

Blood Rush can be farmed by completing Spy missions on planet Lua. The mod costs around 20-30 Platinum for players who don’t want to go through the stress of grinding it.

Completing Lua Spy missions can be a hell of a challenge with the added benefit. However, some players may find the Lua Spy missions to be enjoyable and may obtain the mod in only a few attempts.

Blood Rush Mod Stats

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