How To Skip Cutscenes in Miles Morales?

As with the original Marvel’s Spiderman: Miles Morales features an engaging story, it also offers captivating gameplay, which some players will be excited to return to. This leaves the question hanging for players: will they be able to skip the unwanted cutscenes to get back into the game early?

Don’t worry, as I have the answers to this question. So keep reading the article below if you are one of the speedrunners of the game and want to know how to easily skip cutscenes in miles.

How to skip the unwanted cutscenes from Spiderman: Miles Morales?

skip cutscenes miles morales
Image via Insomniac Games

Miles Morales by Spiderman comes with a brand new game and a mode allowing players to skip the cutscenes and continue their game without further waiting. Many games still have this option, but even today, this basic feature is still not available in every game.

Keep in mind that not every cutscene is skippable. However, some of it can be. To do this, pause the game and click the “Skip Cinematic” option from the settings menu.

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Scenes which are an important part of the story and give the plot are not skippable by the players as the “Skip Cinematic” won’t be available as an option when you pause the game on such scenes. However, the game allows players to skip the scenes that are unimportant to the central story.

As revealed by Sony, Miles Morales’ Into the Spider-Verse suit is now available online as a pre-order bonus for players. Some people have put forward their theory that scenes that cannot be skipped are there to mask the issue of any technical or loading issues because not allowing players to skip the other unwanted cutscenes without a solid reason doesn’t seem fit.

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