How To Get Distant Roar Spray Fortnite?

As chapter 4 of Fortnite season 1 ends, players still work hard to finish their quests and missions to earn free rewards and complete the battle pass. The latest update allows the players to engage in new challenges to earn additional XP, which will help them further in the game to progress faster.

In this article, I will walk you through the steps to get Distant Roar to spray in Fortnite. So let’s get started!

fortnite distant roar spray

How To Get Distant Roar Spray Fortnite?

In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 you can get Distant Roar Spary by completing the stage 1 and stage 2 encryption challenges and quests in Fortnite.

How To Complete the Fortnite Encrypted Cipher Quest

Follow the steps below to complete both the Encrypted Cipher stage 1 and 2 quests and earn your reward:

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Step 1

Players can start their quest by going to the Fortnite lobby and accessing the quest tab. Then after you navigate to an encrypted quest, you will get access to a written code there and must decrypt the code then.

Step 2

Once you’ve jumped out of the Fortnite Battle Bus, make your way east to Anvil Square. You’ll find a Dirt Bike garage in one of the buildings there; land and enter it to move forward with your quest.

Step 3

When you move further into the garage area, you will find a yellow cabinet there, just beside a tire rack. You can break the cabinet with the help of any weapon there to find a hidden entrance with a staircase that will lead the players into a room.

Step 4

Once you enter the room, you will notice glowing waves near a table. You can communicate with the waves with equipment present there to decode the incoming transmission.

Step 5

After the first stage of the encrypted cipher quest is completed, get back to the lobby and click on the quest button. You will find a new code there which will be 1.22. After decoding this message, it will translate to Spray at Splits Bowl.

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Step 6

After arriving at the split bowl area, players will find a staircase inside, which will lead them toward the location of a vault.

Step 7

As the players reach the vault, they will find a remote wheel on the adjacent wall and activate it. Then the distant roar spray will appear. Use it on the wall before you, and the quest will be completed.