Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: All Lynel Locations

In The Lynels in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are powerful enemies to battle with, but they give away some powerful weapons and armor, so you may face them at some point in your journey through Hyrule.

You need to be highly skilled to face them and not get defeated, because if you take on them too early in the game, chances are that you will get utterly annihilated. Once you progress, you will get better at hunting them down.

If you are searching for all the lynel locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, I have you covered. So keep on reading the article below.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Lynel locations

Here’s a map of all the Lynel locations in Tears of the Kingdom that we’ve found so far:

Present Between Tanagar Canyon and Illumeni Plateau (Hyrule Ridge)

Lake Illumeni Lynel
Lynel locations

This Lynel is near the Tanagar canyon, with coordinates of -3389, 0001, 0089.

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Upland Lindor (Hyrule Ridge)

Upland Lindor Lynel
Lynel locations

This Lynel’s coordinates are -2179, 1525, and 0217.

West Hyrule Plains (Hyrule Ridge)

West Hyrule Plains Lynel

This Lynel is at Hyrule Ridge; its coordinates are -1549, 0145, and 0109.

North Akkala Valley (Deep Akkala)

North Akala Valley Lynel

This Lynels coordinates are – 3674, 2940, 0028.

Near Tama Pond (Tabantha Frontier)

Tabantha Frontier lynel
Lynel locations

You must bring cold-resistant armor when going to this lynel to avoid any cold damage. Its Coordinates are -2794, 1832, and 0308.

Near Lake Kilsie (Hebra Mountains)

Hebra Lynel
Lynel locations

This Lynel is situated near the coordinates -4506, 2673, 0228.

Ukuku Plains (Akkala Highlands)

Ukuku Plains Lynel
Lynel locations

This Lynel is near the coordinates 3874, 0876, and 0248.

Near Quatta’s Shelf (Lanayru Wetlands)

Kincean Island Lynel
Lynel locations

In the shallow water south of Kincean Island, players can track this Lynel near the coordinates 1990, -0320, 0009.

Lanayru Heights (West Necluda)

Lanayru Heights Lynel
Lynel locations

On the east of Kakariko Village, this Lynel is near the coordinates 2672, -0969, and 0221.

Rabia Plain (West Necluda)

Rabia Plain Lynel
Lynel locations

Players will find this Lynel near the coordinates 2502, -0545, 0113.

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