Dead Island 2: How To Get DLC Weapons

Do you want to figure out how to get the DLC Weapons in Dead Island 2?

Well, you don’t have to figure it out anymore; I have gathered all the ways you can get DLC Weapons in the game in this article.

Dead Island 2 is the sequel to Dead Island. It is an action role-playing survival horror video game set in Los Angeles, California, two weeks after the first game’s events. The player controls one of four survivors who must fight through hordes of zombies to escape the city. The game features a variety of weapons that can be used to defeat the zombies.

DLC weapons are one of them. The difficulty depends on how much time and money you are willing to spend to get DLC weapons; you are ready to pre-order the game, and you can easily get DLC weapons relitigating the weapons you want; however, if you are willing to get them from the in-game store, getting the weapons you wish to might take time and effort.

What Are DLC Weapons In Dead Island 2

The DLC Weapons were released on Dead Island 2 on June 17, 2015, as a part of the Pulp weapons pack, which included three weapons: the eye-opener, the Homewrecker, and the Boomstick. 

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The following DLC weapons were released on September 1, 2015, as part of the Golden Weapons pack, including the Abuelas Ashes, the One hit wonder, and the Golden Gun.

Several weapons have been available in the game as Twitch drops. For example, the Machete, the Baseball Bat, and the Sledgehammer  

The other DLC weapons include: 

The Red’s Demise Sword: Can give a lot of damage.

The Crossbow: this weapon was included in the weapon pass. It has a powerful range and can take down zombies from a distance.

The Fire Axe: this was also included in the season pass. It causes close-quarter damage.

These are just a few DLC weapons in the game; many more weapons can be found throughout the game.

how to get dlc weapons in dead island 2
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How to get DLC Weapons In Dead Island 2 

There are a few ways to get the DLC Weapons in the game.

  • You can get weapons by Pre-ordering bonuses. Some DLC Weapons are only available as pre-order bonuses for the game. These bonuses include weapons from the Pulp weapons and the GoldWeaponsons packs.
  • You can also get DLC Weapons through the season pack for the game. This includes several DLC Weapons: the fire axe, the Crossbow, and the Red’s Demise sword.
  • Keep your eye out for the Twitch Drops, and you can earn free DLC content for Dead Island by watching select streams on Twitch. Some of the DLC weapons that have been available through Twitch streams include the Machete, The Baseball bat, and the sledgehammer.
  • Finally, the last but not the least way to get the DLC Weapons is the In-Game Purchase from the in-game store.
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Once you get the DLC Weapon, you can find it in your inventory, equip it, and use it just like any other weapon in the game.