How To Convert Valorant to Apex Sensitivity?

Converting the Valorant Sensitivity to Apex can be confusing because both games have different FOVs and settings. In this short guide, we help you to know how you can convert your Valorant Sensitivity to Apex Legends with correct numbers.

The Valorant and Apex Legends both are first-person shooting games but both games have different controls along with sensitivity. If you already played the Valorant and want to transfer your Valorant Sensitivity to the Apex then here is the information you need to know.

Convert Valorant Sensitivity to Apex

valorant sens to apex

In order to convert your Valorant Sensitivity to Apex you need to multiply your Valorant Sensitivity by the 3.18 number. For example, if your Valorant Sens. is 7 then for Apex it will be 22.27.

Valorant To Apex Sensitivity Converter

Source: Aiming.Pro

More importantly, if you want also want to covert the FOV from Valorant to Apex. Well, the Valorant has 103 FOV and is to use on Apex. We suggest you change to 110 because Apex Legends has a larger map than the Valorant.

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How To Find the Perfect Sensitivity in Apex?

Getting the perfect in-game settings including the sensitivity in Apex Legends need some training. That way there is Firing Range in the game the best place to try out the new settings. In the Firing Range, you need to find the perfect sensitivity.

change apex sens
Valorant to Apex sens

For this go to the Firing Range and then change your reticle color between dummies. After going to the Menu and then Settings. Go to the  Mouse/Keyboard or Controller and adjust the Sensitivity as you prefer and then try it on the firing range.

This is a sum up of the covert Valorant to Apex Sensitivity guide for more similar content do read our Valorant Guides for more helpful information.

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