How to Get Kangaskhan in Pokemon Go

Trainers will have a tough time obtaining Kangaskhan in Pokemon GO. The famous AR title has a plethora of elusive pocket monsters, which are generally obtained through particular mechanics or unusual techniques. Some are region-specific, occur only in gym raids, or may only be obtained by completing research questlines.

Kangaskhan was released alongside the game’s global premiere on July 6, 2016. Its gleaming form made its premiere in the Global Challenge, Global Hatches event. On April 29, 2022, the Mega-evolved form of the Pokemon was released as part of the A Mega Moment event.

How to catch Kangaskhan in Pokemon Go

kangaskhan pokemon go 2023
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Kangaskhan is commonly found in Australia, notably in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide. Kangaskhan spawns in a location known for big expanses of kangaroos, which is not surprising given its similarity to a kangaroo.

Kangaskhan is a regional-exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon Go, which implies that wild Kangaskhan can only be discovered in one specific region of the globe. A Kangaskhan is extremely uncommon to be encountered by a player who does not reside or visit Australia. However, this does not imply that it is impossible.

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Several regional-exclusive Pokemon can occasionally be discovered in the wild as a result of special events such as Pokemon Go Fest or the game’s yearly Tour events. Raid Days are also another option, if Niantic holds one in the future with Kangaskhan or Mega variant of Kangaskhan.

On the other hand, one might try to locate a companion with whom to trade in order to obtain a Kangaskhan. That’s all there is to it when it comes to acquiring a Kangaskhan in Pokemon Go as I’ll see you in the next article.