Secret Class Chapter 180: Raw Scans and Spoilers

Secret Class is a Japanese Mahwa Series that has been a fan favourite for a while now. It currently has 179 chapters, and every chapter leaves the readers on the edge of their seats.

The last chapter ends with a cliffhanger and leaves us all excited for chapter 180, which will be released soon. The date is officially announced now, and let’s see what will happen after the steamy end of the last chapter.

Get ready for chapter 180 of the Japanese Manhwa Secret Class. The release date is out. Keep reading when you will read it, and also the spoilers.

Previous Chapter Of Secret Class

In the previous chapter, which was Chapter 179 of Secret Class.

  • It begins with Dae-ho, who is continuing his romance with So-Hyun.
  • Meanwhile, Joo-ri Noona says that Dae-ho is now quite an expert in this, and she can’t wait to get on with him again.
  • Mia says to Joo-ri that it will be her time to shine this time.
  • Dae-ho shouts at both of them, telling them to shut up and let him focus on So-Hyun.
  • It was her first time, and he didn’t want to disappoint her.
  • Later they change their positions So-Hyun says she was feeling a little embarrassed.
  • Dae-ho replies that this is what turns embarrassment into excitement.
  • After that, he asks how she is feeling, and So-Hyun says, “It feels so good.”
  • So-Hyun started to feel the sensation with him. 
  • Then Mia commented that some girls can feel it from their first time.
  • Dae-ho comments that she is naturally born for it and where she was hiding till now.
  • After they finished, Dae-ho started to stand up and said he would take a bath and then sleep later on.
  • Mia and Joori Noon stopped him and asked if he had forgotten about them, and that’s where the chapter ends. 
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That was all for chapter 179 of Secret Class.

The release date for chapter 180 of secret class

  • Chapter# 180
  • The Raw Japanese Raw Version
  • Release Date: July 6, 2023 
  • Time: 5:00 pm IST
  • Where to read: You can only read the original raw version on Toptoon.
  • The English Version 
  • Release Date: 9 July 2023 
  • Where to read: Daycomics 

What to Expect in Chapter 180 of Secret Class

It is the eagerly anticipated chapter of the Manhwa series, and some fans are impatient about when it will be released and what spoilers there are. As expected, there might be some thrilling spoilers for the next series chapter.

  • Despite being an adult, Dae-ho is ignorant about a relationship’s complexities. 
  • Except for how Dae-ho’s trip is impacted by the fact that he does not fully comprehend anything.
  • Also, the fantastic video that the artist created might be included in the next chapter. 

That’s all for the release date and spoilers of the fan-favorite Manhwa Secret Class chapter 180.

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