How To Get Shiny Steelix in Pokemon Go

A Generation 2 Pokemon, Steelix was first mentioned in the anime when Brock’s Onix evolved in the 177th episode of Ruby and Sapphire. Its first appearance was in the Nerves of Steelix episode when Ash fought for the Mineral Badge in the Olivine Gym.

Steelix is a gigantic serpentine Pokémon with a silvery-gray made up of rocks/boulders, which is believed to have gained the durability and composition of a diamond after over a century of underground compression.

Onix’s evolution gives it Steel-type moves, retaining its ‘Grounded’ nature, while also adding Dragon, Electric, and Dark abilities. Steelix in Pokemon Go has a max CP of 2729 with an attack of 148 and stamina of 181. The most staggering stat is his defense: 272.

Trainers in Pokemon Go need to give their Onyx 50 candies and a Metal Coat to toggle the Steelix evolution option. Below is a list of its base stats:-

Sp. Attack55
Sp. Defense65
The rare unit has a Mega-version which was introduced in Pokemon Go during the New Year event. A Mega Steelix isn’t effective in raids due to its slow speed but it does grant a Mega Boost to the entire team for a prolonged period of time, making them situationally effective.

Similar to other pokemons, successfully defeating a Steelix Mega Raid Boss in Pokemon Go gives trainers the opportunity to capture a Shiny Steelix.
Pokemon Go Shiny Steelix
Image via Gameinstants

How To Get Shiny Steelix in Pokemon Go?

There are three options to get a Shiny Steelix in Pokemon Go. Below I’ve mentioned all the methods.

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The Usual method: Catching a Steelix in Pokemon Go is a difficult task. It has a catch rate of 25 and occurs in the wild once in a blue moon. If a trainer does encounter it, he or she needs to tone down his HP and put it to sleep for the best chances. A Shiny Steelix is less likely to pop up on the map and more difficult to catch. However, you can trade for a shiny one with a friend.

Evolving a Shiny Onyx: Since Steelix is a hard catch, trainers can obtain a Shiny Onyx and evolve it by using 50 Onyx Candies and a Metal Coat. The Magnetic Lure Module is recommended for interested hunters as it increases the chances of attracting Electric, Rock, and Steel-type Pokemon.

These lures can be obtained by completing tasks rewards or from the in-game shop for Pokecoins. A normal Onyx is grey while a Shiny Onyx is green in color.

Steelix Mega Raid: Earlier, Steelix was only obtained by evolving Onyx. It is now possible to catch the Shiny version of it after defeating the Steel Mega Boss Raid but its spawn rate is debatable. A Reddit user claimed that he didn’t find a Shiny Steelix even after 42 raid tries.

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Since the Shiny Rate is 1/65, trainers need to have patience as well as Raid passes. One free Raid Pass can be obtained every day by spinning the picture disk at any Gym. The app store also has Raid Passes.

Along with that, potions and items needed to be strategically used with a minimum of 3-4 players with maxed-out Pokemon.

Weaknesses of a Steelix in Pokemon Go

Steelix is a Ground and Steel-type Pokemon, which means it is weak to Fighting, Ground, Fire, and Water-type attacks. Below is a list of which 5 Pokemons could be used to bring it down:-

  1. Terrakion – Double Kick (Fighting) and Sacred Sword (Fighting)
  2. Reshiram – Fire Fang (Fire) and Fusion Flare (Fire)
  3. Keldeo – Low Kick (Fighting) and Sacred Sword (Fighting)
  4. Lucario – Counter (Fighting) and Aura Sphere (Fighting)
  5. Blaziken – Counter (Fighting) and Overheat (Fire)

How To Get Metal Coat in Pokemon Go?

Metal Coat is an evolution item that can be acquired by spinning photo discs at Pokestops and gyms.

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It has a drop rate of less than 1% and can only be found if trainers achieve a seven-day spin streak. Completing research may also provide Metal Coat in Pokemon Go, which is used to evolve Onyx into Steelix and Scyther into Scizor.

Why choose a Shiny Steelix?

Shiny Pokemon don’t have extra stats or weaknesses. They are purely cosmetic. Thus, if trainers need a shimmering gold serpentine Pokemon, they must have a Shiny Steelix in their deck. In general, Steelix in Pokemon Go is an awesome tank with damaging moves like Iron Tail and Heavy Slam.

It accomplishes the Trainer’s need for versatility, with a range of abilities like Thunderfang (Electric), Crunch (Dark), and Earthquake (Ground), making it worth the investment for a Mega upgrade.

This is all for how to get shiny Steelix in Pokemon Go for more similar guide do check our Pokemon Go guides section.