Pokemon Go Riolu Hatch Day: Everything you need to know

Prepare the Incubators. Next week, trainers will be able to hatch multiple Riolu and evolve them into the powerful fan-favorite, Lucario. The Pokemon Go Riolu Hatch Day will focus on the Emanation Pokemon and as the name suggests, it will require more leg work rather than hunting in the wild.

The much-anticipated Riolu Hatch Day will be on Saturday, July 22, running from 2:00 PM until 5:00 PM Local Time. During these three hours, players will be able to access Special Research and capitalise on in-game bonuses. The main goal is to evolve Riolu into Lucario after using 50 Candy as its unique dual Fighting/Steel build is a standout in Great League and Master League.

Here is everything you need to know about the ‘egg-citing’ event.

Riolu Pokemon

Pokemon Go Riolu Hatch Day bonuses

Riolu is a rare Pokemon in the AR-based game. Not only does it have a supremely low spawn rate in the wild but also holds a 0.7% chance to hatch from Eggs. Niantic hasn’t released the percentage hatch rate for the upcoming Riolu event but it’s still the best best bet to get a Lucario marked in the Pokdex.

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The following bonuses will get activated at 2 PM next Saturday:-

  • Increased chance of hatching Shiny Riolu
  • 2X Stardust from hatching eggs
  • 2KM Eggs will drop more frequently after spinning PokeStops

For those trainers aiming to get a Shiny Riolu, it is recommended to make as much space as possible in the egg inventory. This is because the odds of getting a Shiny Riolu increase as more eggs hatch from the incubators. It is suspected to be around 1/64 but there have also been rumors of the egg-shiny version odds to be 1 in 10.

Research events during the Hatch Day

Spinning Photo Discs at PokéStops during the Pokemon Go Riolu Hatch Day will lead to trainers getting event-themed Field Research. Complete the tasks to earn Stardust, Berries, Great Balls, and XP points.

A Timed Research will also be available. Note that it will expire after the end of the event at 5 PM LT so make sure to collect all rewards before that time.

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All 2KM Eggs in Pokemon Go

Since the details for the event mentioned “increased chances”, Riolu may not be the only Pokemon hatching from the 2 KM Eggs. There will be other Pokemon in the egg pool, but the ‘PunchDog’ will be the easiest to hatch and on the highest tier.

Here’s a list of every Pokemon that could hatch from a 2KM Egg in the Pokemon Go Riolu Hatch Day event.

  • Staryu – Evolves into Starmie when fed 50 Candy
  • Magikarp – Evolves into Gyrados when fed 400 Candy
  • Cleffa – Evolves into Clefairy when fed 25 Candy & then Clefable with 50 Candy
  • Igglybuff – Evolves into Jiggypuff when fed 25 Candy & then Wigglytuff with 50 Candy
  • Magby – Evolves into Magmar when fed 25 Candy & then Magmortar with 100 Candy
  • Azurill – Evolves into Marill when fed 25 Candy & then into Azumarill with 25 Candy
  • Larvesta – Evolves into Volcarona when fed 400 Candy
  • Fomantis – Evolves into Lurantis when fed 50 Candy and in the presence of Sunlight
  • Wimpod – Evolves into Golisopod when fed 400 Candy
  • Riolu (Hatch Day special) – Evolves into Lucario when fed 50 Candy
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Mega Lucario is still in the works. For now, try and obtain a Shiny one. It has a distinct yellow-and-black appearance compared to the original blue-and-black form.

This is all for Pokemon Go Riolu Hatch Day guide for more guides do check our Pokemon Go guides section.

Source: PokemonGoLive