How to open the Runic Ward Chest in Zskera Vaults?

Zskera Vaults are not the easiest vaults to open. The Runic Ward chest has a magical lock that is easy to open. Are you also having trouble figuring out how to open the Runic Ward chest? You’re in luck, because that is what this article is about.

Runic Wards are magical rune locks that you will have to interact within a certain chest so you can get the loot from it. You will have to find circular plaques with rune symbols and click on them in a certain order to open them.

How to Open the Runic Ward Chest in Zskera Vaults?

Where is the Runic Ward Chest in Zskera? It is found inside one of the Zskera vault doors that have been opened. The chest is hanging, held in place by four Floating Runes that are over it. 

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The players are complaining that there is a bug and an issue with the chest, which they cannot open. You can get the chest down by hitting the runes, and it is a puzzle where you have to figure out the right order to hit to get the chest.

Runic Ward Chest in Zskera Vaults Puzzle Solution
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Some players say the correct order of hitting the runes is 2-4-3-1, which opens the chest.

But it is only the case for some. You should try, and you may be lucky because the Zskera Vaults are not the easiest to open. Remember that while hitting the runes, you’ll get the blowback and possibly deal with its damage.

Rewards in Zskera Vault 

The chest has a Primordial Gem stone inside it. You can use this gem with the Onyx Annulet and this gem has many other uses depending upon the spec you’re using. It is best to open as many doors as you can to get the type of gem that is best for whatever spec you want.

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You can also get several kinds of pets, toys, or mounts in these vaults. Here are the rewards you can get in Zskera Vault:

  • Mossy Mammoth (mount)
  • Brightfeather (pet) 
  • Emmah (pet)
  • Gilded Mechafrog (pet)
  • Kobaldt (pet)
  • Patos (pet)
  • The Lady of Dreams (toy)
  • The Scarlet Queen (toy)
  • The Timeless One
  • Spore-bound Essence (toy)

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