How To Play Escape from Tarkov with Controller

Even with a keyboard, getting used to Escape from Tarkov’s many features—including crouching, inventory management, mobility, looting, and more—can be difficult.

The PC gaming community enjoys EFT, but the console community isn’t as interested in it. This is due to the lack of substantial controller support in the game.

There are too many inputs in the game for one controller to handle. This is perhaps the reason why the developers haven’t made any notable efforts to include controller compatibility. Currently, a mouse and keyboard is the only way to play this game.

However, certain gamers prefer using controllers instead of a mouse and keyboard. Fortunately, playing with a controller is possible with a few workarounds.

How To Play Escape from Tarkov with a Controller

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Steam is the easiest platform to use if you want to play the game using a controller. You need to add Escape from Tarkov as a non-Steam game then start Steam in Big Picture mode and map your own controller inputs from there. The majority of current-gen Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch gamepads support it.

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A controller can also be configured using third-party, input mapping software like DS4Windows or x360ce. Any input can be assigned to any Windows-compatible controller, including the DualShock 4 or Switch Pro controller using such programs.

Most players playing EFT with a controller use below listed key bindings:

  • WASD – Left Analog Stick
  • Mouse Aiming – Right Analog Stick
  • Right Mouse Button – Right Trigger
  • Left Mouse Button – Left Trigger
  • “G” – Right Bumper
  • Left Shift – Left Bumper
  • “2” – Y
  • “R” – X
  • Space Bar – A
  • “C” – B
  • Scroll Up – D-Pad Up
  • Left Alt – D-Pad Left
  • “B” – D-Pad Right
  • Scroll Down – D-Pad Down
  • “Q” – Left Paddle
  • “E” – Right Paddle
  • Tab – Start
  • “F” – Select

There are many other keybinds you could implement in addition to this one. Try out different inputs until you find the one with which you are comfortable.

It is technically possible to avoid using a mouse and keyboard, although doing so is a tall order. You will always additional software or the Big Picture mode to play EFT with a controller. It is largely designed for playing with a mouse and keyboard.

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The game also doesn’t have an aim assist feature (currently) similar to Call of Duty. This provides unfair advantage to PC players as it is far more simpler to aim with a mouse than a controller.  As of this article, Escape from Tarkov cannot be played competitively using a controller.