League of Legends: An Explosive Errand Mission Guide

League of Legends, the multiplayer online battle arena, and Action role-playing game, is one of the top-rated among gamers worldwide due to its accessibility. It is one of the first video games to introduce a free-to-play model with success.

The game is also top-rated due to its exciting missions that reward players on completion. The missions have their specific objectives and are often associated with game-related events.

The recent League of Legends update celebrating the Lunar New Year added several themed cosmetics, a brand new event shop, and the Lunar Gala for Teamfight Tactics (TFT) players. As part of Lunar Gala missions, players must complete a mission titled “An Explosive Errand.”

The mission text reads, “Get Annie’s fireworks by claiming an Underground Heist.” In this article, I have stated what you need to do to complete the Explosive Errand in League of Legends Teamfight Tactics.

How To Complete Explosive Errand Mission Underground Heist?

Explosive Errand Mission LOL
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To complete this mission, the most important thing you must do is claim an Underground Heist in the game. Heists are a unique ability of the Underground trait and can be activated only if you have three or more Underground units. 

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To claim an Underground Heist, it’s a must for you to crack 10 locks. For cracking locks, you have to win a combat. Each time you win a combat, you win two locks, but also keep in mind that you crack three locks each time.

After Completing The Underground Heist

Once you successfully unlock 10 locks, you can choose whether you want to claim the vault reward or continue with the heist to finish the mission. Select the “Cut and Run” vault reward, and you will finish the mission objective.

Milestones for the Underground Trait:

There are two milestones for the Underground Trait.

  • Underground (3): Crack 4 vault locks after a player’s combat win and 6 after a combat loss.
  • Underground (5): Crack 6 vault locks after a player combat win and 10 after a player combat loss

How to complete an explosive errand in League of Legends?

Completing the Explosive Errand requires the plates to field at least three champions with the Underground trait. After successfully activating the trait, you will need to keep it active long enough to complete at least one heist. You will see that you are making progress on locks if you have a losing streak in player combat rounds. 

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Since 6 vaults are locked at Underground (3) and 10 at Underground (5) if you lose the combat rounds.

Champions with Underground Traits

Champions with underground traits are as follows:

  • Kayle: 1-cost 
  • Ezreal: 2-cost
  • Vi: 2-cost
  • Sona: 3-cost
  • Samira: 4–cost

Fielding three Underground champions is relatively straightforward in the game since Kayle is a 1-cost champion, Ezreak and Vi are 2-cost each.

What are the rewards for the Lunar Gala?

You can win Aurelion Sol over through the power of friendship or give him the cold shoulder in hopes that he will rage quit the party by completing 15 missions that’ll reward you with a total of the following:

  • 1 Emote.
  • 1600 Pass XP.
  • 100 Star Shards.
  • 1 egg that contains any of the lunar-themed little legends.

This is all for how to complete Explosive Errand Mission in LOL for more relevant guides do check our League of Legends guides section or homepage.