How To Remove Walls & Floor in Dwarf Fortress

Anything to build in the dwarf fortress is easy. Many users construct unnecessary things or overdo things. While after they realize all things are messed up and don’t match one with other objects. Users tend to destroy those objects after constructing them.

There are many options available for de construction tools. But the tools are not able to destroy particular things. To destroy anything, you will need specific tools in a dwarf fortress.

Don’t worry, every problem has its solution. You can find the equipment from there. In a dwarf fortress, if you don’t know how to remove walls. It is easy, but you have to execute in a particular order to remove walls.

Dwarf Fortress: how to remove walls?

In a dwarf fortress, it is not complex to build anything. All constructed objects for fortresses are for personal defence and to make the clan look stronger.

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The users tend to add more extra protection. So it’s obvious many players messed up the region. But don’t worry at all. Here, the dwarf fortress: how to remove walls guide can help you destroy walls.

Remove Walls in Dwarf Fortress

Other things to mention before starting

When you want to remove the natural walls in the dwarf fortress. You don’t need to follow the steps given below. You can simply remove the natural walls by the standard mining process.

To break the uninitiated walls in the dwarf fortress. These walls can be engraved after smoothing them up. To do that you have to click on the grey square icon.

When you open the game and want to remove the walls. Use this equipment to remove the walls in the dwarf fortress.

  • On the bottom of the screen, there will be the option for the digging
  • The digging icon will have a pickaxe icon
  • To select you can simply click on it.
  • Also, you can press M to select the digging, pickaxe
  • When you click on that, different options will appear.
  • There will be an icon of stairs with a red strike.
  • Click on it.
  • You can use this to destroy the walls, also you can destroy the floors, tiles, and other construction materials.
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Point to mention that, through this option, you can only destroy the walls, floors, and tiles material. The other construction or construction material will not be able to break through these options.

Further, you have to floor this step to break the particular construction:

  • Unpause the game
  • Click on the red strike
  • Also, you can press X to activate the red strike
  • Then select the structure you want to destroy

As you select a particular object, the dwarf will come to the object and destroy the object. Make sure that the game is not paused. In the simulation game, if the game is paused the dwarf will be in a suspended state. So what will happen is it may not work. First, unpause the game and then select the object.

When you click on the red strike, there will be key option X, and a description of the item will be mentioned over there. As you can see in the description, with a red strike you can only break the particular item such as walls, floors, and tiles.

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To destroy the natural walls you have to select the option of standard mining option. These can not help you to destroy the build-up walls.

To destroy the constructed wall you have to select the excavation/digging option and then select the pickaxe. As you click on the pickaxe the dwarf will come and destroy the walls. Just check that the game is not paused and the object selected is specific.