How Can You Make Clothes in Dwarf Fortress?

Dwarf Fortress is an exciting game for those who love to organize, manage, and construct. It is a colony simulator where players must maintain a colony of dwarfs.

The goal is to keep the dwarfs happy. To achieve this, players need to keep several factors in check. One of them is the clothes of the dwarves. 

This article is a comprehensive guide to making clothes for dwarves using Dwarf Fortress yarn. 

Making Clothes in Dwarf Fortress

Dwarves have a variety of clothes to pick from. Cloth and leather are used to make cloaks, mittens, shirts, shoes, trousers, etc. The dwarves then choose from this array and meet the necessary clothing requirements. 

Dwarves need new clothes when old ones are broken. You can identify it through an x around its name. 

Clothes are made at Leather Works and Clothier’s Shop. You can restrict the number of dwarves working through the labor menu. Dwarves will need clothes, silk, or leather to start the process. 

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Threads are spun into clothes at the loom. You must set a work order or task at the loom so the dwarves start working. 

Making Silk

Silk is obtained from the webs made by silk spiders in underground caverns. Fortress builders may capture these cave spiders and use their aggressive web-shooting to their advantage. These will be spun into silk automatically. However, you can turn off this behavior from the labors menu. 

Making Thread

You can extract thread from several plants. These include cotton, ramie, pigtails, flax, jute, kenaf, and rope seeds. However, make sure to order the making of plant seed threads at the farmer’s workshop.

Making Yarn

Dwarf fortress yarn is made by spinning wool and animal hair. Hair and fleece from goats, alpacas, and sheep are spun into thread at the Farmer’s workshop. Eventually, they are turned into cloth at the loom.