How to Skip Cutscenes in Honkai Star Rail?

An interesting game like Honkai Star Rail can also get annoying when you have to wait through the endless cutscenes. Nobody likes interruptions in the game, especially when you want to get to the end of the game fast.

Honkai Star Rail is known to provide players with more story details during the middle of the game. This is why players often look for a way to skip through the cutscenes, which gets more annoying when players can’t find the skip button in the game.

Keep reading the article below, where I will tell you how to skip cutscenes in the Honkai stair rail. So stay tuned with us!

How To Skip Cutscenes in Honkai Star Rail?

Skip Cutscenes in Honkai Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

From the start of the Honkai Star Rail, players will be flooded with story and game details continuously throughout the game, making them grow tired of the cutscenes and want to get over with the game as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the game has not yet released the option of skipping through the cutscenes like another game gives

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Although you can allow the cutscene to move on to the next dialogue of the character without pressing any button. When a cutscene appears, two buttons appear in the upper right corner of the screen.

The left button is the autoplay option. When the autoplay option is activated, it will let you move on to the next part easily. The other button hides the dialogues and the captions from the cutscenes. When activated, all the captions from the screen will be hidden.

The only way to skip the cutscene is by dying in the game. When a player dies in the game, the player can skip through the scenes he has already viewed. We can only wait for any future update that we can skip without hassle.