What is Core Keeper Save Editor?

Core Keeper is a sandbox survival game that mixes all the components of battle, farming, mining, and crafting in an underground setting. If you like pixel art games and have had it with Stardew Valley, Terraria, Minecraft, and Starbound, you should give it a try.

Core Keeper Save Editor is merely a tool that can edit your game save files, thus allowing you to maximize skill levels and gain unlimited health, food, Armor, and weapon durability.

So, if you want to have limitless food, health, and other resources, this is the finest Core Keeper save editor to use right now and we’ll tell you about this tool in this article.

What is WeMod Core Keeper Trainer?

WeMod is a Windows-only trainer that provides numerous free cheats for more than 2,000 games. The application operates by automatically identifying and locating the games that are loaded on your PC from sources like Steam, after which it displays a list of accessible cheats.

Additionally, it supports Core Keeper and adds up to fourteen cheat options, like unlimited health, improved lighting, unlimited food, super speed, easy digging, unlimited weapons durability and a lot more, that may be toggled ON and OFF.

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WeMod’s freemium business strategy makes it possibly the best Core Keeper Trainer available online.

The developers know that listening to players during development will help to make Core Keeper a better game, and the officials are planning on adding new content, testing new features, listening to player’s feedback, and refining the gameplay experience during Early Access.

For instance, early access will launch with support for up to 8-player multiplayer, and we are curious to see how players react to it and collaborate, potentially having an influence on Core Keepers multiplayer aspects in the end.

core keeper save editor
core keeper save editor

How to Cheat in Core Keeper Using WeMod Trainer?

While Core Keeper does not let you input any cheats, and has no developer-provided support, you can always make life easier with third-party tools such as Cheat Engine or trainers. It is available on open alpha, and your primary mission in the game is exploring infinite caverns and grottos in search of various steals.

Once we have started the Core Keeper, and our characters are transported into procedurally generated caverns below ground, the title offers us to fiddle around in the Inventory menus and a few core mechanics that will serve us well throughout the game. Also, once you have triggered all three spirits, the Core is activated, beginning your journey into the endless worlds beneath.

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Now, let us say that you are looking to mine weapon crafting resources effectively, without the fear of getting killed by the host of enemies who are out to take down your Core, so, this is how you can cheat on Core Keeper using the WeMod trainer.

Each recipe provides a temporary boost to specific stats related to a characters speed and attack power, as well as the fact that Core Keeper invites us to experiment with different combinations of ingredients in order to craft new recipes, which may or may not provide us an advantage in battles or exploration. Also, to install it, follow the given steps:-

  • Simply make sure your PC can support hardware acceleration and has Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.7 or above installed in order to install it.
  • Once you’ve satisfied the criteria, download the WeMod installer from this page, run the setup file, and then click Install Now.
  • Next, double-click WeMod to launch it, then choose Games from the top menu options, and finally type “Core Keeper” into the search field.
  • Once it’s been located, pick it and press the Play button.
  • The hotkeys specified next to each cheat can now be used to activate it.

Video Guide:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

What does save editor do?

Simply told, a save editor is a programme that enables you to change several game-related settings PRIOR to the game’s start. Sometimes you want to start the game by winning a million dollars right away.

Does Core keeper have cheats?

Use the WeMod programme to get Core Keeper trainers and hacks for Steam. In Core Keeper, a mining sandbox adventure, you delve into an unending tunnel filled with monsters, artefacts, and minerals. To mine resources, battle, farm, craft, and survive, cooperate. Use the WeMod app to cheat with our Core Keeper Trainer and more!

Does Core keeper have controller support?

Core provides only rudimentary support for PlayStation and Xbox controllers. This is primarily because of its creative nature, which allows users to develop a wide variety of game kinds. A mouse and keyboard may be preferred because there are so many games to pick from and each one may have a lot of commands.

Is no man’s sky save editor safe?

It is safe to use them. Always make a backup save for safety’s sake. You’ll be OK as long as you exercise restraint and don’t allow cheaters ruin the game for you.

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