Is Hunt Showdown Crossplay? How to add friends

Hunt Showdown is one of the popular games of Crytek that was introduced in 2018. It is a tactical PvPvE first-person shooting game similar to Escape from Tarkov, The Division and more. When it comes to first-person shooting games players always wanted to know if they support crossplay.

If you’re also wondering, is Hunt Showdown supports crossplay then you’re in luck today. Here we have covered all the information related to the Hunt Showdown cross-platform that might be helpful to you.

hunt showdown crossplay

Is Hunt Showdown supports crossplay?

The answer is Yes, the Hunt Showdown supports the crossplay feature. But there are limitations to not all devices compatible with the crossplay. The players who own the Xbox and PlayStation can play together but PC players cannot play together with console users.

That means you need to play the Hunt Showdown on the same platform as your friends and maybe in future this may change. However, Crytek does not confirm anything about it or the making changes to the Hunt Showdown in future until now.

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The reason behind not allowing PC players to play together with console users might be that PC players have advantages over console players. Because PC players use keywords and a mouse and other hand console players use the controller.

So, the summary of this guide is Hunt Showdown is not fully cross-play supported it has limitations. The PC player will available to play with PC players and Consoles users such as Xbox and PlayStation will available to play with console players as now.

This is sum up for the Hunt Showdown crossplay guide. Here at Gameinstants, we covered all information related to gaming for more similar content do read our Cross-Platform Guides for more helpful information about crossplay games.

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