Guide To Fix Minecraft Launcher Not Working

Minecraft is one of the best block-building games of all time. Players can craft, explore, breed villagers and many more things can be done easily. If you’re a player of Minecraft just like me on PC then once in a while you also come across an issue in which Minecraft Launcher not working on Windows PC.

There are multiple reasons, why Minecraft not working properly on your computer. And in this guide, I am going to share some of the troubleshoots that worked for me to get rid of this issue in no time.

Yes, there are some troubleshoots that you can perform on your Windows PC. In order to fix this error without having a hassle.

Why Won’t Minecraft Launcher didn’t Work?

Before moving toward the solutions to fix the error, you need to know why Minecraft Launcher is not responding on your PC.

  • If your Computer isn’t meet all the requirements needed to run the Minecraft game, then the Game isn’t running successfully on your Computer.
  • If you install many mods in your Game, this will lead to troubles with programming, and your Game isn’t launched.
  • If there is an outdated graphic card driver in Windows 10 on your Computer.

The Minecraft game gets regular updates from the developers of Minecraft to provide more features and specifications to their users. If you don’t update the Game, the issue will be created.

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How To Fix Minecraft Launcher on Windows PC

Here are the troubleshoots that I have applied in order to fix the Minecraft Launcher error on my Windows PC. You have to try each troubleshooting one by one. Apply the troubleshooting method and check if the error is fixed and if not then move to the next troubleshooting method.

Restart Your Computer

Restarting your PC or computer is the initial troubleshooting that I recommend. Because most of the time due to some glitch or pre-startup the Minecraft launcher stop functioning and in order to fix it. You simply need to restart your computer. This will restart the entire process of your computer and fix the temporary bugs.

Make Sure Your PC Compatibility with the Minecraft Launcher

Before trying any of the methods for solving the problem with your Minecraft gaming, you need to make sure that your PC will meet the basic system requirements like RAM, Processor, cache memory, and many more.

Some basic requirements of the Minecraft game are given below:

1. Ram: 8 GB for a better and smoothie interface of gaming experience
2. Processor: all processors above i3 will efficiently run the Game on your Computer.
3. Harddisk: Basic version of Minecraft is run in a storage space of 30 GB.

Run The Minecraft Launcher As Admin

Another troubleshooting step is to run the Minecraft Launcher as Admin, and follow the steps to run it as administrator.

1. Open the start menu given in the left-side corner.

2. Right Click on Minecraft.

3. Then select the option called “Run as administrator”

run as admin Minecraft

4. Launch the games. The error may be solved by admin privileges.

If the methods don’t work, then you need to move towards other effective ways given below.

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Disable The Antivirus Program

Everyone knows that antivirus always keeps scanning your Computer for threats and detecting malicious programs. When you launch Minecraft, it may be blocked by your antivirus because of heavy system requirements.

Hence, disable your antivirus whenever you wanted to play a Minecraft game. It will prevent the antivirus from thought the Game as a malicious program.

Relaunch the Game from the Task Manager

Relaunching the Minecraft game from Task manager is another effective step to resolve the error ” Minecraft Won’t launch” you can find the mistake by ending the game process from the Task manager tool of your Windows 10. Follow the steps below to perform the method:

1. Right-click on the taskbar to open the menu list.

2. Select the Task Manager option and open it on your screen.

3. In the Task Manager tab, Go to the Processes where you are supposed to see a lot of applications and software running in the background. Search for Minecraft or Java.

Minecraft is not working

4. Right-click on Minecraft from the list.

5. Select the End Task option and continue

Performing the steps given above will end the progress of the running Game and provide you with the interface to launch the new gaming progress. It will surely fix the error “Mine craft Wing Launch.”

Update the Graphics Card Drivers on your PC

Another effective way to fix the issue of “Minecraft won’t launch” is by updating the graphic card on your Windows 10 or Windows 11. Apart from handling the display, Graphics card drivers also play a vital role in smoothly operating your Game.

Sometimes your graphic card is too low and outdated to run the Minecraft game. For this, you need to update the Graphic Drivers on your PC.

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1. Go to Search Bar given next to the Start Menu Type “Device Manager” and open it.

2. In the Device Manager, Go to to the Display Adapters.

update graphics driver on PC

3. Right Click on the Display Adapters to open the Menu options. Now select the Update Driver option from the menu.

Once you’ve updated the graphics driver on your computer. Restart your computer and start the Minecraft Launcher hopefully now it’s working fine.

Remove Recently Added Minecraft Mods

There are many Mine raft mods available on the internet that can provide enhanced gameplay to the users. The excess use of mods for better gameplay will cause the error on your Windows PC.


To access advanced features and specifications in their gameplay, many gamers add up numerous mods. These mods are illegal and strictly prohibited by game developers.

All the users are advised not to add up any mode, as they may cause problems with the Game’s programming. Remove all the mods from the mods list and check whether the Game launched successfully or not.

Uninstall and Reinstall The Minecraft Game

Sometimes due to some technical error in your Windows or with the Game’s programming, it might stop working. In that situation, you need to uninstall the Game and install a new one from the official website or the driver you have.

Reinstalling the Game will include some straightforward steps you can quickly know from the official website of Minecraft games. The fresh interface will have a low possibility of the error “Minecraft won’t launch”.

This is the end of this guide, hopefully, the Minecraft Launcher is fixed on your PC. For more similar articles don’t forget to read our Minecraft Guides for more useful information.