Is Lords of the Fallen Multiplayer? Answered

Lords of Fallen is a challenging, fluid tactical combat game that allows you to choose from 100s of brutal weapons or forgo metal for magic with shattering arcane attacks.

Lords of Fallen can be experienced in a single-player campaign alone, or you can invite a second player to join your adventure in online co-op. However, heroes from other realms can invade. Here are some core features of the game in the PC version:

  1. Local Co-Op: Not Supported
  2. Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  3. LAN Play or System Link: Not Supported
  4. Combo Co-Op: Local+Online

Only one friend can be invited to your party and help in the co-op. As mentioned above, players can also invade your world and attack you.

Lord of the Fallen multiplayer mode will give you PvP and PvE action at the same time. However, you can turn off co-op and multiplayer settings and experience the campaign in single-player mode. 

The game is designed with cooperative play in mind and will allow two players to play online without interruption. In a press release, the game is described as an expansive RPG experience filled with NPC quests, a rich narrative, and compelling characters. 

The Lords of the Fallen UpperCity
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Lords of the Fallen PS5 Release Date

The Lords of Fallen release date is Friday, October 13, 2023, with the game releasing on PS5, Steam PC, and Xbox Series S|X. The release date was confirmed in the May 2023 gameplay trailer. Unfortunately, the game won’t come to the Nintendo Switch or last-generation consoles as it is categorized as a current-gen exclusive title. 

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