Hogwarts Legacy: Who is Harlow?

who is harlow in hogwarts legacy

When you become a character in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with NPCs. These NPCs often become side quests, and you have relationship lines with them. On the other hand, some NPCs turn out to be the villain in your story, and you have to defeat them. One such character is Harlow. … Read more

Hogwarts Legacy: All Infamous Foes Locations

All Infamous Foes Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Many exciting adventures are waiting for players to explore in the Hogwarts Legacy game. Players get to embark on combat challenges and explore relationship questlines to develop friendships with other characters in the game. One of the top challenges in the game is defeating Hogwarts Legacy’s infamous foes.  Many infamous foes are scattered around the … Read more