Is There a Shiny Guzzlord in Pokemon Go?

Trainers around the globe want the strongest Pokemon version during battle. From regular Pokemon to fully evolved Pokemon then Shiny version of Pokemon.

Guzzlord is hard to defeat tier of Pokemon. Guzzlord is weak and strong against some attacks in Pokemon Go. but does it make any difference if the Guzzlord is shiny or not?

The answer is no, it won’t make any difference in stats if you have the shiny or regular Guzzlord. However, Shiny Guzzlord will be different in appearance than normal Guzzlord. So,  we are discussing whether is there a Shiny Guzzlord in Pokemon Go. 

Is There a Shiny Guzzlord in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Guzzlord Pokemon Go
Shiny Guzzlord

No, there is no Shiny Guzzlord in Pokemon Go. In Pokemon Go, there are many alternatives to Pokemons like shiny and regular versions. In some events, developers tend to promote or debut some specific Pokemon and then the shiny version of it enters in-game.

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As an example On the 6th of May 2023, Shiny Kleavor Event commenced. Before that, You can evolve Scyther into Kleavor but during the event it was unable and the only way to capture Kleavor is through Raid. Also, during this period you can capture Shiny Kleavor. Here in this case you can catch Only the Normal version of Guzzlord in Pokemon Go. 

As of now, all you can do is wait for The shiny version of Guzzlord. Nonetheless, if you capture Guzzlord don’t be racist, both have the same skills. 

Final Words

We don’t know what the future is holding for us. At present, we can do is wait for the Event day to come in Pokemon Go, where we can capture Shiny Guzzlord in stadiums and gyms. As of there is no Shiny Guzzlord in Pokemon Go.

This is all for this short guide for more relevant content such as how to catch shiny fennekin and more do refer to our Pokemon Go guides section.

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