How To Catch Shiny Fennekiin in Pokemon Go?

If you’re a Pokemon Go fan, then you know how exciting it can be to catch a shiny Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon are rare, and catching one is a huge achievement. With the May 2023 Community Day comes new features, and it looks like Fennekin, the Fox Pokemon, will be the show’s star.

According to the announcement, Fennekin will appear more often in the wild and might appear in its shiny form. So, how can you catch Pokemon Go shiny fennekin? We’ll be exploring the different methods in this article today.

Can Fennekin Be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Although Froakie frequently outshines Fennekin, it is still one of the most sought-after Pokemon in the game.

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This fire starter from the Kalos region has a unique charm that makes it a great catch. In its shiny form, its golden fur becomes a silver sheen. However, the question remains, can you catch a Pokemon Go shiny fennekin?

The simple answer to that is yes. Fennekin is already quite rare, and the odds of catching a shiny one are even lesser. They’re highly sought-after by other players and offer a higher value than regular fennikin. However, this fire starter’s charm and uniqueness make the challenge worthwhile. 

How to Catch Pokemon Go Shiny Fennekin

Now that you know that a shiny fennekin exists, let’s dive into how to catch a shiny fennekin. It won’t be easy, as Fennekin is one of the three starter Pokemon from the Kalos region. However, the five tips shared below will make the process easier. 

Know When to Look

The first step to catching a Pokemon Go shiny fennekin is to know when to look. If you read this before May 21, 2023, you can catch a shiny fennekin at the Community Day Spotlight.

During this special effect, the spawn rate for Fennekin will be increased, resulting in more appearance in the wild. This means you have a better chance of encountering a shiny Fennekin during this period.

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Go Out Frequently into the Wild

Like every other Pokemon, you have a higher chance of catching a shiny fennekin when you go out into the wild.

Fennekins love to spawn in sunny and clear weather, so take note of the time. Shiny fennekin has a high chance of appearing in 1 of every 25 encounters, so the more you go into the wild, the higher the possibility of catching a shiny fennekin. 

Check for Research Tasks

Research tasks are also available during special events, increasing your chances of getting a shiny fennekin.

A $1 Special Research task called Fur and Flames will be available at the Community Day event. Ensure you sign up to encounter more fennekin’s and increase your chances of catching a Pokemon Go shiny fennekin. 

Use Lures and Incense

Another top way to catch a shiny fennekin is lures and incense. Placing lures at Pokestops attracts Pokemon to the area, increasing your chances of encountering a shiny Fennekin.

Additionally, the use of incense will attract Pokemon to your location. Using them during the Community Day event is even better, as more fennekin’s will be available during this period.

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Keep Catching Fennekin

Finally, the best way to increase your chances of getting a shiny fennekin is to keep catching fennekin. Go on raids in the wild, and you’ll encounter more fennekin’s, increasing the possibility of spotting a shiny one. Ensure you catch many fennekin’s during the special Community Day event, and you just might get lucky with a shiny one. 

Final Thoughts

Catching a Pokemon Go shiny fennekin can be quite the challenge. However, these tips and tricks will increase your chances of adding this rare and unique Pokemon to your collection.

Keep an eye out for the research task on the Community Day event, and don’t forget to use lures and incense. It might seem tricky initially, but you just might get lucky if you keep at it. Good luck on your shiny fennekin hunting journey!

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