Jade Michelle Hart: Meet Bret Hart’s daughter

Bret Hart, the former Canadian wrestler, has a star on the Canadian Walk of Fame. Learn about his daughter and how many kids he has.

Bret Sergeant Hard is a Canadian-American retired professional wrestler. A member of the Hart wrestling family, he is a second-generation wrestler. Bret has many nicknames, like “The Hitman.”

Bret has been married three times. Jade Michelle Hart is one of his daughters from his first ex-wife, Julie Hart.

Bret Hart’s Personal Life

Jade Michelle Hart
Jade Michelle Hart

Born: July 2, 1957, in Calgary, Canada

Parents: Stu Hart and Helen Hart


  • Own Hart 
  • Elizabeth Hart 
  • Diana Hart 
  • Bruce Hart
  • Keith Hart
  • Smith Hart
  • Dean Hart
  • Georgia Hart
  • Wayne Hart
  • Ross Hart
  • Alison Hart


  • Julie Hart, They were married from 1982 to 2002.
  • Cinzia Rota, They were married from 2004 to 2007.
  • Stephanie Washington, They have been married since 2010.


  • Jade Mitchelle Hart
  • Alexandra Sabrina Hart
  • Dallas Jeffery Hart
  • Colton Hart
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Who is Jade Michelle Hart?

Jade Michelle Hart is an actress, and she is also known as the daughter of Bret Hart.

Born on March 31, 1983, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Parents: Bret Hart and Julie Hart

Jade is 40 years old. She is not the only daughter of her parents. She has other siblings, Alexander Hart, Blade Hart, and Dallas Jeffery Hart. Jade is the eldest daughter of Bret Hart.

This 40-year-old citizen of Canada has her acting Credits in

  • WWF in Your House: 16″ Canadian Stampede (1997)
  • Trailer Park Boys: Jail Shorts (2020–2022)

Jade got married to her husband, Steve Lambros. The couple has a daughter, Kyra Beans, born in June 2010. The estimated net worth of Jade Michelle Hart is $250,000.

That is all about the daughter of Bret Hart, Jade Michelle Hart. I hope you got all your answers in this article.

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